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  1. BMO

    Need help laying out my loft

    The loft is in Briar-Hill near Dufferin and Eglinton. The building is 550 Hopewell Ave. My biggest dilemma is how I will fit a couch and TV in the family room given the bedroom door, balcony door and only the one wall. Another issue is determining which bedroom to use since I want to just use...
  2. BMO

    1 Bed - 1 Dee Park Cr

    652 sqft, thoughts?
  3. BMO

    What's reasonable maintenance fees for a 1B + parking ?

    Been eyeing this one condo that is in an amazing location, the unit itself is very nicely laid out, and the entire building is well kept. The unit itself is about 657 sqft. The price on the unit is good around $350K about 100m from a subway station. The building only 10 storeys and has about...
  4. BMO

    Looking for 1 Bed + Den w/ Parking around Yonge & Eglinton or Downtown ~$350K

    I'm looking to buy a condo with a 1 Bedroom + Den either around midtown or downtown somewhat near to public transit. Need a parking spot as I use it for my part-time job in the evenings, but primarily want a decent commute to my work at Yong & St. Clair (full-time job). Preferably with a...
  5. BMO

    First-time buyer, looking for some insight into reliable developers

    I'm a first-time home-buyer looking in the $350-400k range for a 1+den around the core. I'm really worried about some of the horror stories I'm hearing from buildings that look great but the maintenance and on-going issues are horrible. I was wondering if you guys have any insight into...
  6. BMO

    Drain location arrows

    Out of the blue these yellow arrows pointing towards water drains have been popping up in Thornhill. What are they for? Link of image if embed doesn't work:
  7. BMO

    Visited Montreal for the first time. Some questions about their Metro system

    I was absolutely blown away by how clean and nice the entire metro system in Montreal looked. This on top of the fact that there were homeless people sleeping on chairs and benches inside the actual platforms. The stations were remarkably clean and spacious. The physical expanse of some of...
  8. BMO

    Maps: Interesting website for creating mockup transit maps with simulated costs

    So I stumbled on to this website it's pretty interesting, you tell it which city you want to work with and then you can add lines, change the names of the lines and it'll simulate the operating costs and other things associated with it. You can even adjust...
  9. BMO

    Cars Are Key to Reducing Poverty

    Cars Are Key to Reducing Poverty Thursday, April 3, 2014 - 8:00am PDT by JAMES BRASUELL
  10. BMO

    F-35 Fighter Jet Purchase

    Choose high-speed rail over F-35s Sat Feb 4 2012 Section: OnLine Byline: Ken Gray
  11. BMO

    Proposed renaming of Dundas Street

    Dundas station seen as ideal candidate for a name change; Ryerson University a likely partner, says TTC chair The Globe and Mail Wed Jul 6 2011 Byline: Elizabeth Church File: TTC ****summarized for quick read***
  12. BMO

    What is the advantage of transit systems being able to incur debt?

    Hey UT forumers. Been on these forums for well over a few years, posting every now and then. I've been researching on Translink (Vancouver's transit authority/ agency), and I read that the system currently has a debt close to $1.1 billion. I was wondering if any of you could shed some...
  13. BMO

    If the TTC works to rule I will be...

    this is a poll on how pissed you would be if the TTC worked to rule.
  14. BMO

    Public transit in the GTA

    Do you think public transit in the GTA is going in the right directoin overall, or do you think it is just as bad as ever or worse?
  15. BMO

    Transit City 2, suggestions/fantasies for the future

    Since, everybody has been posting on other threads about a future trasit city 2, I was wondering what everyone thinks should be included in the next transit city, if it ever happens, and if the first one ever gets built. I personally believe Steeles should get LRT, and and Bathurst as well.
  16. BMO

    U of Waterloo vs. Ryerson

    Hi i've applied and been accepted to both Ryerson and Waterloo for urban planning, I jst wanted to get some feedback as to what some of you on this forum, i'm sure lots of you are in urban planning or in related programs, think about the two programs. Also how is the social life at both of the...
  17. BMO

    Cement vs. Asphalt on roads?

    I just took a trip down recently to Cleveland, where I noticed that in some areas of the city the streets weren't paved with asphalt, but rather had concrete squares on the streets, I've recently been looking for thise in Toronto, and the only raod that uses it is the 407 highway. I was...
  18. BMO

    407 Transitway

    I've been trying to find info on the proposed 407 transitway that I keep hearing about but cannot find very much on it, I was wondering if anyone else knows of more info on this project or anything? seeing as how ths is supposed to turn into a really important east-west route in the future...
  19. BMO

    Roads: Roundabouts

    I've been wondering why roundabouts are not used in Torontos smaller streets, or even in the more obvious places like the 905 area. I was wondering what everyone's point of views on this topic were, for instance, I live in Thornhill near Clark, where a proposed subway station for hte Yonge line...
  20. BMO

    Sheppard Subway Extension West?

    I was wondering if anyone had any interesting ideas for this expansion west from yonge to donswview. An outline I thought that would be useful, would be for a stop at Bathurst then Faywood blvd, then Downsview obviously, and then past Downview to keele, then Jane and up north to Finch. or...