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    Search function

    I have found recently on more than one occasion that the "Search" function does not seem to be working very well. Yesterday I started a new thread in Projects and construction regarding a new development, not having found an existing thread. I was promptly corrected by someone pointing out...
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    Toronto | The Southlands | ?m | 72s | Camrost-Felcorp | a—A

    Have not seen this posted elsewhere; my apologies if it is already here. Land on the south side of Burnhamthorpe Road, at the southwest corner of Kariya Drive, one block west of Hurontario, has been recently purchased by Greenpark Homes. The total site area is just under six acres. This land...
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    Toronto | Rise Condos | 76.5m | 23s | Reserve Properties | Graziani + Corazza

    This property is located at the southeast corner of Bathurst and St. Clair, diagonally across the intersection from the new towers at 500 and 530 St. Clair West. It currently includes a small, relatively new two-storey plaza with a convenience store and a couple of other things, and a small...
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    Toronto | Humber College Lakeshore Campus: Athletics Centre | ?m | 3s | Moriyama & Teshima

    Here we go again. It has just been reported that Humber College has bought 3246 Lake Shore Blvd. West. This is a non-corner property in the block between 22nd and 24th Streets, on the north side of Lake Shore. It's a couple of blocks west of three purchases which they had made earlier...
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    Toronto | B.streets Condos | 29.26m | 9s | Lindvest Properties | Hariri Pontarini

    This property is located on the east side of Bathurst, a few steps south of Bloor. It is the former location of Loretto College, a Catholic girls' high school. The school relocated to the Dufferin and St. Clair area a couple of years ago. The Catholic District School Board has sold the...
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    Toronto | Litho | 36.88m | 8s | RioCan | Turner Fleischer

    740 Dupont Street, a commercial property, along with several residential properties facing Dupont Street in the immediate vicinity, have been purchased by RioCan, the large commercial property owner. They may be intending to do an assembly of some more of the properties in the area. 740...
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    Toronto | Minto30Roe Condos | 113.08m | 34s | Minto Group | Wallman Architects

    The sale of 30 Roehampton Avenue has been reported. This is the parking lot on the north side of the street, just east of Yonge Street and immediately to the west of the North Toronto Collegiate property. The purchaser is Minto. The property is almost square (193 feet x 190 feet), with...
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    Toronto | Blue Diamond Condos and Foxbar Towns at Imperial Village | 88.08m | 28s | Camrost-Felcorp | Diamond Schmitt

    The former Deer Park United Church property at 129 St. Clair Ave. West (SE corner of Foxbar Road) has been sold. The handsome-looking old stone church is (I think) designated. This may be a potential conversion of the existing building rather than a completely new structure. The price paid...
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    Toronto | Valhalla Town Square | 131.36m | 44s | Edilcan | IBI Group

    A property at the northwest corner of The East Mall and Gibbs Road has recently been sold. This is one block north of Bloor Street, and is immediately to the south of the Valhalla Inn site, now about to be redeveloped. The Eva Road condo redevelopment is almost directly opposite, on the west...
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    Toronto | 5051-5061 Yonge | 130.9m | 39s | First Capital | Kirkor Architects

    The DeBoer's store at the southeast corner of Yonge and Hillcrest has been sold. The purchaser is First Capital Realty, a developer of neighbourhood shopping centres, usually in the 50,000 to 75,000 sq. ft. range. I don't know what their plan is for this site. In this location, a retail...
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    Lecture and film: History of Toronto's cinemas

    R History: Toronto's Early Cinemas Lecture and Film Saturday, Aug. 22, 4 p.m. Suggested donation: $5. Don't miss Ryerson professor Paul Moore's well-illustrated talk about Toronto's early cinemas and their social impact, followed by a screening of Dreamland, an NFB documentary about the...
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    Stats -- First half of June 2009

    As reported today by the Toronto Real Estate Board: sales for the first half of June were 5,185, up from 4,374 for the same period last year. Average price was $407,716, up from $398,542. It's too soon to make a "final final" call that the downward moving market is over, but it's a bit of...
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    129 St. Clair Avenue West

    A member posted something about this possible redevelopment, which I had frankly forgotten about. His post is a possible starting point for discussion, perhaps specifically about this property, or perhaps more generally about the reuse of old church properties etc. I think it fits the mandate...
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    What happened to the big bamboo trees?

    ... in the CCBR building at U of T. Walking along College Street, I impulsively decided to venture into this building, and the nice large bamboo trees that were in the lobby are now nothing but a rather scraggly "ground cover" type of planting. Anyone at U of T know what happened?
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    Toronto | 2376 Dundas West | 87.5m | 27s | Lormel Homes | Richmond Architects

    The sale of the property at 2376 to 2388 Dundas Street West has been reported. The site is immediately north of the Crossways complex, at Bloor Street. It stretches back from Dundas to the railway tracks, immediately adjacent to the GO station. Most of it is a parking lot now. It is 63,000...
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    Lectures for film nuts at Revue Cinema

    From the Revue Cinema newsletter: Produced and Abandoned Saturday, Feb. 7, 10:30 a.m. Interested in learning more about the movies? Critic and author Kevin Courrier launches another fascinating lecture series on Saturday, Feb. 7: "Produced and Abandoned: The Best Films You've Never Seen."...
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    Humber College Lakeshore Campus: General Expansion

    It looks like Humber College may have plans to expand their operation on Lake Shore Blvd. in south Etobicoke. Land Registry records are showing that they have purchased 3166 and 3170 Lake Shore Blvd. West, within the past two months. 3166 is a crummy older building on the northwest corner of...
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    Toronto | CampusOne Student Residence (was University Place) | 79.85m | 25s | Knightstone | Diamond Schmitt

    A sale of the property at 253 College Street was recently reported. I haven't seen it mentioned here. It's located a couple of doors east of Spadina, west of Huron Street. The property has a very old and shabby-looking brick warehouse, with five levels, presently being used as a self-storage...
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    Toronto | Pace Condos | 146.3m | 42s | Great Gulf | Diamond Schmitt

    I don't think I've seen this mentioned here. Pardon me if it's a duplication. The property at the southwest corner of Dundas and Jarvis (155 and 163 Dundas Street East) has been sold to an apartment developer. The property has a crummy little one-storey retail plaza, which I think is mostly...
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    Garbage containers on subway platforms

    I haven't seen it mentioned here, so I'll put this into a new thread. It looks like the TTC has finally decided to put garbage containers back into the subway stations at platform level. On my trip downtown today it appeared that each station from Kipling east to (I think) Keele had them...