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  1. Roy G Biv

    CNE Air Show

    Why do they let the planes fly over the city, and not restrict them to the lake? This is flirting with disaster. What a dumb show and concept.
  2. M

    Foosball table - trade for bass guitar

    Halex foosball table. Was higher end at large retailer, but electronic scoring no longer with table. It's sitting taking up space in my board room, was thinking to trade it for a bass guitar for my nephew. Nothing fancy, but a decent beginner bass. Anyone got an old bass kicking around...
  3. M

    World On Yonge Condos (Liberty Development) - Real Estate -

    Sales center opens Monday but they started hosting by appointment as of today. Not that I was there as a buyer, but I looked around a bit while inside and managed to snap a few photos with the Blackberry... though I've gad to un-install Desktop Manager. Anyone know a more pain free way pf...