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  1. yonderbean

    Gibraltar Point, Erosion on the Toronto Islands

    I had the pleasure of three weeks in residence at Artscape Gibraltar Point in January, during which I got a lot of work done and also took daily walks along the shore. I was struck by the ever-changing shoreline. Over one windy night, several meters of the beach was washed away and deposited...
  2. yonderbean

    Toronto | 150 Symes Road | ?m | 2s

    Looks like the old Symes Road Incinerator near Weston Road & St Clair has been given a new lease on life. All I know is what's on the notice below - 11,100 sq ft of employment space and the addition of four new buildings. The city website website has this notice that a bylaw was passed...
  3. yonderbean

    A Future Toronto?

    I was recently offered a chance to travel in time to a future Toronto. I was told the risks were low as long as I got a full course of immunization shots to prepare me for almost two centuries of bacterial and viral evolution. Of course I jumped at the opportunity. I was in for a bit of a...