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  1. SpadinaBus

    Patagonia Store on King West at Spadina

    As mentioned in the odd and ends thread, a new Patagonia store will open Dec 15 at King/Spadina in the old Mini dealership location. Welcome to the neighbourhood and a great retail addition to this strip! Thought it deserved its own thread. Here is their facebook page that is covering the...
  2. SpadinaBus

    John Street Ideas Competition - TED BIA - Support The ORE

    I have not seen a thread on this yet, but could be wrong (mods, move this if need be to its proper location). The Toronto Entertainment District BIA is having a design competition for ideas to redo the square on the south east corner of King St. W and John St...
  3. SpadinaBus

    Critique this Berczy Two Bedroom Floor Plan - Go at it!

    What do you think of this floor plan? I'm looking at it for Saturday's launch.
  4. SpadinaBus

    67 Portland St. Condo (???,???,8s)

    New 16 unit 8 storey boutique condo, just south of Freed's 75 Portland development. Don't know the developer or the architect yet. See CofA below. Mr. Bus 67 PORTLAND ST File Number: A0022/10TEY Zoning RA (WAIVER) Owner(s): JMAVS PROPERTY MANAGEMENT INC CO JOHN ZINGARO [ Ward...
  5. SpadinaBus

    Residences at the RCMI Condos (Tribute Communities) - Real Estate -

    I thought this project was going to sales in the spring? There are previews to VIPs this weekend. Wow. I guess the X2 launch success got them excited. S'Bus
  6. SpadinaBus

    Rêve Condos (Tridel) - Real Estate -

    From the Projects and Construction thread: Reasons to buy Reve: 1. It will be likely be built by Summer 2011 compared to Freed's projects which are at a minimum, more than 24 months away since they have not even started excavation. 2. Tridel has a way better reputation than Freed. #1 in...
  7. SpadinaBus

    522 King Street West - Just Leased?

    Hiya, Allied Properties has been trying to lease out space at King St. W and Brant St. for a while now. It used to be the Acton/Hide House Leather store. It has just been leased according to window signage. Anyone know who is the new tenant or have a connection at DTZ Barnicke that could...
  8. SpadinaBus

    Toronto | Globe and Mail Headquarters: Never-Built | ?m | 18s | The Globe and Mail | KPMB

    Considering that the transformation of both Front and Wellington continues at a frantic pace, I thought it was about time to open up a thread on the planning of the redevelopment of the Globe and Mail's site on Front Street W., backing on to Wellington St. West. Perhaps we can convince our very...
  9. SpadinaBus

    Toronto | 629 King Residences (was Thompson Residences) | 53.34m | 15s | Freed | Saucier + Perrotte

    A rumour in the 'hood is that the site is for sale asking $20M. Does that sound right to anyone? Seems a tad high to me.
  10. SpadinaBus

    Is this infill suitable for Toronto?

    A friend visiting New York City brought back these pics of a slender new condo building in the lower east side (Bowery & Spring) - an "emerging" neighbourhood. I still can't decide if I like it or not, but perhaps in the context of the lower east side (an area than needs investment) it does...
  11. SpadinaBus

    Condo Crunch (CBC's Marketplace)

    I thought I would start this thread for another condo pitfall story. CBC Marketplace is a doing a feature story called the "Condo Crunch" (see the teaser below from the website). Let' see what the Miss Mesley has in mind for us next Monday night. Wendy Mesley takes viewers inside the booming...
  12. SpadinaBus

    Toronto | Fashion House | ?m | 12s | Freed | Core Architects

    560 King West Does anyone know how the C of A meeting last Wednesday went for this proposal at 560 King St. W.? I was hoping to make the meeting but missed it!