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  1. Prometheus The Supremo

    entire forum has been spammed!

    this user: has spammed the entire forum with topics related to illegal content. i don't even want to open the threads because they might contain horrible images. i view this less as spam and more of an attack on the forum its self. this is...
  2. Prometheus The Supremo

    Which would you choose: Sheppard Subway Extension or Sheppard Crosstown LRT?

    Which would you choose: Sheppard East Subway Extension or Sheppard Crosstown LRT? please pay close attention here: pretend we live in a mayoralty where centre road median ROW LRTs are permissible. if you had to choose between extending the sheppard subway east to STC or converting the...
  3. Prometheus The Supremo

    Which would you choose: Sheppard Subway or Eglinton LRT?

    if you had to choose for the near future between extending the sheppard subway to STC or building the eglinton crosstown LRT* to the airport (with an underground section through the narrower part of eglinton and an at grade or in trench section in the richview ROW), which would you want built...
  4. Prometheus The Supremo

    TTC mourns death of ‘napping’ employee

    i guess you can say that the people truly asleep on the job were the ones quick to pass judgment:
  5. Prometheus The Supremo

    "Stop the gravy train" - WARNING: EXTREMELY CRUDE

    i've heard to "stop the gravy train" is a slang term that originated in new york's BDSM culture. apparently, to "stop the gravy train" is the process whereby a male, while masturbating, has a pinky finger inserted into his urethra at the point of ejaculation thereby preventing semen from leaving...
  6. Prometheus The Supremo

    Quran burning: How media and world leaders are the ones pouring gas on the flames?

    so some christian pastor of a church of about 50 is holding a quran burning event on the 9/11 anniversary. it's causing quite some controversy. as much as this is not something i agree with personally, not something that i would do or endorse, what i do agree with is that this person has the...
  7. Prometheus The Supremo

    Urban Toronto's G20 protest thread!

    this is the unofficial designated protest area. important note from bra enforcement: SAVE THE COCONUTS! <--- take that society! all caps!
  8. Prometheus The Supremo

    What happened to all the H1N1 vaccine they said we had?

    well? how come over a week ago the feds said they had secured enough vaccine to vaccinate everyone in canada and then some but health officials in toronto and other regions across canada say that it's in short supply? and why are there only two clinics open as of now? why isn't the vaccine...
  9. Prometheus The Supremo

    unnecessary news headlines

    it a headline like this really necessary: Not guilty verdict in lesbian axe murder was lesbianism somehow a motivation for the crime? is there some sort of lesbian doctrine that encourages or condones this sort of behavior? imagine if you will the following headlines: Not guilty...
  10. Prometheus The Supremo

    Moscow bans gay rights parade on Eurovision day

    U.S.S.R U kidding me?
  11. Prometheus The Supremo

    Urban Toronto Mobile

    it's all strange looking! urban toronto mobile?
  12. Prometheus The Supremo

    Positive Listeria test sees Maple Leaf recall more than 26,000 packages of wieners

    not good for business. i admire their honesty. there are tonnes of things out there that never get noticed or reported. i think it's showing up more in maple leaf since they have such a giant footprint in the market and they probably test better. this situation is not as bad though since hotdogs...
  13. Prometheus The Supremo

    New Device Reads Minds Pretty Well (LiveScience)

    reminds me of: the applications of such a device could be endless if they refine the accuracy of the device and make it so it is able to read many thoughts or brain patterns. i see a problem though. say with the mind reading device, i would try to type this post to urban toronto with my...
  14. Prometheus The Supremo

    Richard Williamson, the re-communicated holocaust denying bishop

    he needs evidence to believe something that happened around 60 years ago. yes, this is coming from a guy that doesn't need any evidence to believe something that happened around 2000 years ago. :confused: more: this guy is nuts...
  15. Prometheus The Supremo

    logic test

    take the test and see how many you get correct: i got 14/15. i gave an incorrect answer for question 15. p.s, don't be machiavellian with your results.
  16. Prometheus The Supremo

    Saint Stupid’s Day Parade-First Church of the Last Laugh

    this looks cool! maybe we should have one in toronto.
  17. Prometheus The Supremo

    Crowd salutes rebirth of railway steam power

    here's some vids: i guess the testing phase: in use:
  18. Prometheus The Supremo

    Canada's Stonehenge: scientist says Alberta sun temple has 5,000-year-old calendar

    **it's Architecture & Infrastructure** it's amazing that in many places around the world around, during the same time period, many cultures or groups of people built these things or similar:
  19. Prometheus The Supremo

    US approves 1st stem cell study for spinal injury (

    they are gonna try this on newbies (freshly paralyzed people). i hope they take into consideration that some people who have spinal cord injuries and are left with paralysis usually have some level of neurological recovery, usually within the first year since injury onset & sometimes up to a few...
  20. Prometheus The Supremo

    Obama Meter! keeping track of campaign promises

    kinda cool! did they have one for bush?