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    Toronto | 1500 Bayview | 32.48m | 8s | Medallion | BDP Quadrangle Preliminary proposal for 1466 - 1500 Bayview Ave. redevelopment (rental building/retail). NW corner of Bayview/Davisville (currently Valumart).
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    Toronto | 25-55 St Clair Avenue East Building Rehabilitation | ?m | 11s | PSPC | DIALOG

    When the Dominion Public Building at 1 Front St W closes, many employees will move to 25 St Clair E. Current estimates are that 25 St. Clair will be ready for first tenants in December, 2021. The Arthur Meighen Building is set to be one of the first federal carbon neutral buildings...
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    Comfort Suites Jarvis & Dundas becoming Hilton Garden Inn

    Comfort Suites Jarvis will be another Hilton Garden Inn as of August 1st following $4 million in renovations. Same owner as the HGI on Peter St. and several other properties...
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    How would you fill this space? (Baltimore)

    Toronto Star Urban Studies column looks at what people in Baltimore have suggested for abandoned lots. Click on the Flickr link for the photos. URBAN STUDIES BALTIMORE'S INFILL CHALLENGE How would you fill this space? City invites suggestions in...
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    North York Council names street "OMB Folly" - GTA - It's street revenge on developer Furious councillors overruled on condo site name road OMB Folly October 08, 2008 Paul Moloney City Hall Bureau A street by any other name wouldn't be such sweet revenge...