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    Condo Upgrade: Cost of Gas Line for BBQ on Balcony?

    What is the general cost that builders charge for a balcony natural gas line for BBQs? Does anyone have any upgrade price lists they can share?
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    The Lifestyle Shop

    Has anyone had experience with this store steps south of King & Spadina? I walked in unassuming just to browse and walked out very impressed. The shop itself is narrow for all that they have to show, but when you get down to it they have a lot of great pieces, specializing in condo size...
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    HST Clarification - Homes Under $400,000

    There appears to be a lot of vague info relating to the HST on new homes under $400,000. My understanding is that there is a rebate of 75% in which case I would expect that there would still be a portion of HST to be paid. However, then I read that the province announced that HST would only be...
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    Your Thoughts on This Floor Plan

    Thought I'd share my floor plan and ask for your thoughts, pros/cons, and ideas. I bought at Market Wharf and it's 619 sf. I knew I wanted a 1 bedroom and I guess this is the smallest in terms of square footage that I had in mind, but I also...
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    Closing Costs on New vs Resale

    I'm pretty on top of all the closing costs related to purchasing a resale unit, but how does it compare to purchasing new? As I understand it, there are a number of fees and levys on a new build that don't apply to resale. Can someone roughly estimate the type and amount of closing costs on...
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    Market Wharf Condos (Context Development) - Real Estate -

    Curious to know your thoughts on Market Wharf just a block south of the St. Lawrence Market. It looks like a beautifully designed building, Context, I believe, is a reliable developer (any comments?), and the location can't be beat. I've always liked the neighbourhood and am looking to...
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    Proper Way to Look at Cost of 2 Buying Options

    I am looking for a condo in Toronto and currently have a down payment of $40K which would be less than 20% down and would afford me a purchase of a $334-$350K condo on the resale market. I am interested in a new condo development whereby after continuing to save and make deposits I'd be...
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    Land Transfer Tax - $400K

    In Ontario, I understand that the Land Transfer Tax is 2% on the amount that exceeds $400K. Also, in Toronto, the city land transfer tax is fully rebated if the purchase price is under $400K. My question is does the purchase price of $400K+ include the purchase price of a parking spot and...