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  1. Riverdale Rink Rat

    95 Wellington West recladding (Cadillac Fairview, 20s, WZMH Architects)

    Can't find a thread, so starting this to ask if anyone knows the plans here. Looks like they're going to remove the granite like FCP's marble disappeared. Does this mean Scotia Plaza will be next in 'maybe we shouldn't import Italian marble to Canada' cladding mistakes to get redone?
  2. Riverdale Rink Rat

    NBA All Star Game 2016 Toronto

    Talked a little about this in the tourism thread. The signs of anticipation have started, and it really looks like this could be a real showcase for Toronto, given that we will have a starter and 2 All Stars for the first time. NOW had an advert for a Muzik party w/ Shaq as the host. A HUGE...
  3. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Bloomberg on the new Toronto scene

    Lots of enthusiasm, with a sort of foodie's guide to the city. Pretty cool.
  4. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Logan Mews (Logan & Gerrard) COMPLETE

    This is a strange one. 8 townhouses being built down an alley from Logan, behind the Beer Store parking lot. Website just wants your e-mail. Claiming to sell for high $400s. Anyone know what they're thinking? This is a skanky piece of land for new construction!
  5. Riverdale Rink Rat

    Toronto | Showcase Lofts | ?m | 7s | Aragon Properties | F.G.McG.E.A. So, after ruminating about something finally happening here in the MyAbode thread... something's happening. The website is just a registration place as of yet. Now if the parking lots south of Colgate got taken out, Carlaw would be just about built out.
  6. Riverdale Rink Rat

    West Don Lands Now that earth is being moved, I thought West Don Lands deserved its own thread (correct me if I'm wrong, but I didn't see one anywhere.) Taken as a whole, the Near East is exploding --...