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    Gimme a break!

    Topic is worthwhile Some commentary on the forum is uninformed speculation, but if that was the majority of content none of us would keep coming back here. Urban Toronto is actually very informative. Let me weed out poorly argued ideas and logic from sound comments. Many people on here are...
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    North American union

    Border does present employment barrier MisterF, I know many people who have been tripped up or slowed down by the U.S. border for work purposes. It's not impossible but more difficult that it should be for Canadians to work in the states and vice-versa. For example, the easiest way is...
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    North American union

    I'm all for a political union with the United States. Like it or not U.S. policies have significant impact on the lives of Canadians. Why don't we want to influence these policies from the inside? One of my first principles is people should be able to live anywhere on the planet they choose...
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    Puglies 2008: People's Choice Awards for Architecture

    The real reason there's so much shlock in Toronto is precisely people's general tastes, not planning. If it were truly planning our urban form would be easy to fix. I'm so frustrated to live here. Toronto consistently does not achieve its potential. There's no doubt Spire should be within the...
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    Bathurst Quay Revitalization: Canada Malting Silos, Ireland Pk, Waterfront Promenade (was Metronome)

    A better location I read with trepidation about the plan for building a Toronto history museum at the silos at the foot of Bathurst Street. Before going too far down this path, please have a look at two postings I've made on my blog: - Future tourists will be attracted by Toronto's history...
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    Toronto | Velocity at the Square | 122.52m | 40s | HNR | P + S / IBI

    I'm excited for this project, even though it will partially block my view from Pantages. Victoria Street needs a lot of work, but so much is planned for the stretch between Dundas Sq. and Shuter. The building under construction on Yonge Street directly across the laneway from the application...
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    ULI Toronto event on infrastructure

    Sorry, there was some bureaucratic friction to the original URL. It's now fixed...
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    ULI Toronto event on infrastructure

    Mods: please move this post to a more appropriate location, or delete if you think it's inappropriate to post on Urban Toronto... I have been a member of the Urban Land Institute's Toronto chapter for a few years now. Their events are always very classy, and a good place to meet key individuals...
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    Links to Toronto Issue Groups

    Here's one: It's actually a site I'm developing with some planning colleagues (including my fiance). It is evolving, but basically we are a bunch of planners who believe our profession really could use a fresh look at its principles. Besides that, there is some eclectic...
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    Davisville Yard Planning Study

    This item has been on the city's website for months. It seems to have gone dormant. However, I think what should be done is this: - Right now the subway runs right up against Yonge Street with the yard's maintenance tracks and buildings to the west. The land mass of the yard actually starts...
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    Allen Road/Spadina Subway Urbanization

    I sent Hume this email: Chris, I actually had this idea several years ago as a planning student... Here is another related idea: That subway on Allen really should have gone up Bathurst. Why not turn the subway up Bathurst from St. Clair West Station, and turn the existing tunnels and...
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    Toronto | M5V Condominiums | 118.87m | 35s | Lifetime | Core Architects

    This building has finally been approved by the OMB, as of yesterday evening.
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    Toronto | Market Wharf | 110.33m | 33s | Context Development | a—A

    You're going to love this Clewes building, in this context.