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    Toronto | OCAD U: 100 McCaul | 39.4m | 9s | OCADU | Morphosis

    They could go deeply in debt. Apparently debt doesn't matter anymore.
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    Toronto | Concord Sky | 298.99m | 85s | Concord Adex | a—A

    The person who asked the question can check the details, I was just pointing out that a building especially that tall needs to go to bedrock. I personally don't care how deep it goes.
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    Toronto | Concord Sky | 298.99m | 85s | Concord Adex | a—A

    The foundations need to sit on bedrock, not sure the depth of bedrock at his location but definitely more that one level down. I guess it depends on how many levels of parking they want to provide.
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    Toronto | Eaton Centre (Ongoing Renewal) | ?m | ?s | Cadillac Fairview | Zeidler

    I was looking to see updated pictures for the redevelopment at the corner of Yonge and Queen. Is this the correct forum topic, I looked several pages back but can't find.
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    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    I think given the size of the column it's ok and as long as the rebar is not exposed from the chipping.
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    Toronto | CIBC SQUARE | 241.39m | 50s | Hines | WilkinsonEyre

    Maybe if they did without the red background and just the letters with the swoosh.
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    Toronto | 2221 Yonge Condos | 192.62m | 58s | Tower Hill | Pei Partnership

    The people on the South side of E-Condos might have their view blocked before they even had a chance to move in.
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    Toronto | E Condos | 195.67m | 58s | Bazis | Rosario Varacalli

    I think the South Tower is the taller one.
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    Toronto | Pinnacle One Yonge | 312.5m | 95s | Pinnacle | Hariri Pontarini

    Thank you! Some common sense instead self righteous non-sense.
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    Toronto | 55 Eglinton East | 177.7m | 50s | State Building Group | Kirkor Architects

    This needs to go back to the OMB if it means the Fox-Firkin Pub will be gone. Lol
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    Toronto | 401 Bay Street | 143.86m | 33s | Cadillac Fairview | WZMH

    Are they the design architect.
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    Toronto | One O One | ?m | 26s | Camrost-Felcorp | Onespace

    There is an office building to the East of Imperial with only entrance to parking separating them, so it can't be off to the East it definitely blocks the South and East view of people living on the South/East side of the building. See the site plan backgroundfile-44828.pdf
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    Toronto | One O One | ?m | 26s | Camrost-Felcorp | Onespace

    So the developer renovated the Imperial Palace with that a great view on the South side, then decided to squeeze a new building in blocking that great view and another is on the way, nice!
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    Toronto | 815 Eglinton Avenue East | 114.4m | 34s | RioCan | Diamond Schmitt

    I use autoshare for when I need a car for a few hours or rental car if going out of town. It is still a lot cheaper than car and insurance payments for the month and convenient enough (and you get to try all kinds cars/SUVs). When I gave up my car I thought if it didn't work out I would just buy...
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    Toronto | Yorkdale Shopping Centre | ?m | ?s | Oxford Properties | MMC Architecture

    No I am talking about HBC Yorkdale, I only mention it because I started to see comments about HBC at Yorkdale in this thread and WZMH Architects are doing the renovation at HBC not MMC Architects assigned to this thread. Just to point out that there are other architects with projects at...
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    Toronto | Yorkdale Shopping Centre | ?m | ?s | Oxford Properties | MMC Architecture

    There are different architects involved in the various projects at Yorkdale (not sure how many). So if this thread is for all projects at Yorkdale then maybe say various architects. Just a suggestion.
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    Toronto | Yorkdale Shopping Centre | ?m | ?s | Oxford Properties | MMC Architecture

    Just to note that the Hudson Bay renovation is a different project than this thread.
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    Toronto | The Globe and Mail Centre | 83.21m | 17s | First Gulf | Diamond Schmitt

    I think since the fins are brown it is meant to make a connection to the old brick Sun building (now George Brown) beside it.
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    Toronto | Rogers Centre Renovations | ?m | ?s | Toronto Blue Jays | Populous

    They have built a lot of stadiums that look nice 'cute' but as a baseball fan I know it will be comfortable to watch a game and no rain outs which is more important to me.
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    Toronto | One Bloor East | 257.24m | 76s | Great Gulf | Hariri Pontarini

    Maybe because you don't really see the glass railing on the balconies of Aqua whereas One Bloor are very visible.