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  1. ladyscraper

    Toronto photos sized for Facebook Timeline Cover

    Hey guys! There are so many awesome photographers on here... I was wondering if any of you have ever made some images at the correct size to be used to Facebook Timeline cover photos? I think the dimensions are 851px by 315px. Thanks if anyone could post some!! :D
  2. ladyscraper

    Northern Lights in Toronto tonight?

    GTA could see spectacular Northern Lights tonight
  3. ladyscraper

    Illogical Toronto haters

    Hey guys! Yesterday I met a true Toronto hater at a bar I was at. It's nothing new to meet someone like that of course but what was new to me was that his arguments against the city were so illogical. It blew my mind! I found the whole conversation extremely humorous so I thought I would...
  4. ladyscraper

    Question about Fireworks and sponsors in Toronto

    I hope this is the right part of the forum to post something like this. I have a question/observation about the Canada Day fireworks that are held around Toronto every year. Each year I watch the Canada Day fireworks here in Toronto and then I go watch the 4th of July fireworks in New York...