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  1. drum118

    High Point Mall Redevelopment (3415-3461 Dixie Rd/Bloor St, ?, ?, ?)

    The property being sold as high density mixed development that was built in the 60's
  2. drum118

    Sq One Walmart Expansion (?)

    Core drilling taking place in the Oil Change parking lot. Walmart being rearranging the store layout trying to find more space to display things. It's possible they may remove the Oil Change area and add the the 2nd floor to create more space before adding a 3rd floor. The store was to built...
  3. drum118

    Downtown Fairview, Cooksville and Hospital Policy Review – Draft Official Plan Amendment and Built Form Standards.

    Downtown Fairview, Cooksville and Hospital Policy Review – Draft Official Plan Amendment and Built Form Standards. <> <>...
  4. drum118

    5400 Hurontario St (Pinnacle International (Ontario) Ltd, 32s + 35s + 35s + 38s, ?)

    This is where the sales office is and all rental towers
  5. drum118

    600 and 620 Lolita Gardens (Hanseatic Holdings Limited, 25s, ?)

    Northwest corner of Dundas Street East and Cawthra. This a rental tower for 270 units
  6. drum118

    330-350 Rathburn Rd W (Mississauga, Amacon Development, ?,?)

    These are existing condos north of Parkside Village at the corner of Confederation. Amacon Development plans to buy them and tear them down. The new site will be taller than the tallest in Parkside Village.
  7. drum118

    King-Queen-Roncy Intersection/ROW

    With the amount of things happen to this area over the next few years, there will be more posting for it here and to keep it from TTC catch all. Looks like the the time line is slipping and going to take longer to do from what I was told today. A few known dates have become unknown or a time...
  8. drum118

    243 Alberta Ave (No Frills Site, Choice Properties, ?,?)

    Talking to a few owners in the area yesterday, they said there been talk that this the next area to be redeveloped and not the first time I have heard this. With 908 now moving a head now, this has more legs than before. They better replace that store with another with development on top of it...
  9. drum118

    Port Credit West Village Block D Affordable Housing Project (FS BW Block D GP Inc, ?, ?)

    This is a Turnkey Project at a cost of $62,207,926 without taxes for 150 affordable housing units. Fram Building Group Ltd will be known as FS BW Block D GP Inc for bloc D development and will design the block. 4. Proposed Project Port Credit West Village is located on the south side of...
  10. drum118

    434-452 Wilson Ave (?, Future Development Site)

    Jan 1 It will be interesting to see who buy up this remaining part of the block. There is no Right of Way in this area from the looks of this like to the west as it narrows at this point.
  11. drum118

    Parkside Village: Block 5 (? Parkside Village Dr, Amacon Development, ?, ?)

    This is next to the existing Townhouse. The last I knew, this was to part of the parkland that would connect to the existing parkland to the west and to Mississauga Common land to the east. From the layout, it looks smaller with a larger area north of if and assuming that area is Block 1W...
  12. drum118

    Toronto | 498 Gilbert | 23.64m | 6s | SmartStop Self Storage | WPT Architecture

    Sept 30 Got to laugh as the For Sale Sign is either in the wrong Location or using the wrong Arial map. The sign is at 2397-2401 Eglinton Ave W, across the street from the Eglinton Caledonia Station, but the property is on the east side of the Barrie Line. Would be a good location for TOD on...
  13. drum118

    Toronto | 1840-1850 Bloor Street (Mississauga) | 56.9m | 18s | Ranee Management | IBI Group

    I thought I posted this before, but can't find the thread for it as it going for Public Meeting on July 27 <>
  14. drum118

    2105- 2075 and 2077-2087 Royal Windsor Dr (Slate Asset Management LP, Mix Use)

    The owners want to know if the city will allow mix use including residental since this not currently allow by the city and the region. An air quality study has to be taken at the cost of Slate Asset Management LP, Metrolinx, RioCan and others who may want to take part in redevelopment of...
  15. drum118

    2175 Sheppard Ave E (?,?,?)

    Been told the site is to be redevelop with more office space and maybe a mix site.
  16. drum118

    Beamish-Kipling-Bloor Future Development site

    March 24 The new reclaim land from the Six Point interchange along with the exist land beside it is large enough to house at least 3 towers, The reclaim land on the west side of Beamish is being landscape at this time.
  17. drum118

    Toronto | 4615 Hurontario | 156.4m | 45s | Elia Corp | BDP Quadrangle

    The owners of the south-east plaza and the empty land around it were to meet with the ward councilor and planing department on developing a master plan for redeveloping the area. The lands are own by a family and with the passing of the father, the children have decided it time to build on the...
  18. drum118

    Toronto | 241 Church | 170.65m | 53s | Graywood | Turner Fleischer

    It's the lot to the west that part of St Mike's Master plan I thought there was a thread for this site already?? This will make the ESSO site next to go.
  19. drum118

    145 Pears Ave (THC, 3s, TACT Architecture)

    Feb 12 Not sure what taking place as they have removed most of the hill and digging down for parts of it. Photos to follow
  20. drum118

    Parkside Village: Block 1W (MCC, Amacon Development, ?s + 30s + 35s, Richmond Architects)

    Replacing the missing thread started in Oct 2012 by me with current update info. Request has been made to have the H remove from the site