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    GO 2020

    I thought this might deserve a thread (as I haven't seen one), but if anyone could post a link to the actual report it would be appreciated. TORONTO, Dec. 11, 2008 /CNW/ - << What: GO Transit Chairman Peter Smith and the GO Board of Directors will meet tomorrow...
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    GO Transit detailed track maps?

    Can anyone tell me if there is an official map from GO transit or the Government of Ontario showing the addition of the third mainline track between Port Credit and Oakville? I've got a mean bet going on with the wife, and I need something official showing the third track being added on the...
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    Rail: Ontario-Quebec High Speed Rail Study

    From a Star article today: "Sources told the Star last night that McGuinty and Charest will announce a feasibility study into a 1,000-kilometre high-speed rail link between Quebec City and Windsor. The project would provide an economic jolt to central Canada and could likely help such firms...
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    Transit City - Common Elements (Carhouses, station amenities, fare collection)

    There is so much info on these boards, I was wondering if there were any kinds souls who could give a quick recap on the state of some of the TC LRT construction. I thought I read in one of the threads (I can't seem to find it) that EA's for the Eglington line are going to wrap up this year...
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    Congestion taxes?

    Im just curious if anyone here supports the idea for part or part(s) of Toronto? In cities that have implemented, such as London, or more recently Stockholm, there is generally opposition to the idea prior to launch. Afterwards however, there are generally high levels of acceptance and...
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    Toronto's Mini Boom

    I've been reading these boards lately, and it seems like a very positive time for Toronto. We will actually start to see some significant waterfront improvements over the next three to four years, Union Station will be renovated within the next decade, Transit City will modernize public...