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    Toronto | U of T: University of Toronto Schools | 20.42m | 3s | Diamond Schmitt

    I've always thought the UTS building has an enormous potential to become the home of a cultural institution or something of that nature. University of Toronto gives eviction notice to school for the gifted ANNA MEHLER PAPERNY From...
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    St Clair & Dunvegan

    It looks like something is planned for the corner of St. Clair and Dunvegan Rd. Probably going to be a McMansion-style apartment house? Couldn't find a thread for this
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    CAMH at College and Huron

    There is hoarding around the CAMH property at College and Huron. The old trees have been removed. Does anybody know what is going on there? My apologies to the moderator if there is already a thread for this. I am new to this site and could not find one.