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    Transit City: Sheppard East Debate

    The old guy with the cart certainly counts as "old, fat, lazy, immobile"... but im not scorning them... I'm saying these people are being negatively impacted by the current Sheppard LRT plans. And its not just about seniors who will have difficulty... there's plently of middle aged women for...
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    Transit City: Sheppard East Debate

    Remove a bunch of stops... only leave major intersections/connections to other bus routes and run an infrequent bus in traffic(15/20min). Speeds up LRT while keeping the local bus stops that our old, fat, lazy, immobile population desperately need... ala Sheppard Subway + 85 Don Mills to Yonge...
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    Miller will not be running for Mayor, How will this affect Public Transit?

    scaberian needs to chill with his sarcasm regarding cafes and youth improvement. Regardless of whats being touted as the possible planning policies and benefits of the Sheppard LRT by politicians, intelligent level-headed transit advocates will look beyond the gamesmanship of selling a...
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    Miller will not be running for Mayor, How will this affect Public Transit?

    Keithz... I take the 85 sheppard bus everyday during rush hours, and off-peak from Meadowvale to Don Mills and back. It's incorrect for you to say the whole of Sheppard East is not congested, simply because traffic east of Markham Rd isn't. Thats pretty much self explanatory once you consider...
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    Simpsons Tower Nightime Lighting

    Its ever so slightly lit up here in this recent pic, or maybe that's just how it looks turned off And its present in the Trump render: If you know where to look, you'll see it illuminated here
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    Transit City: Sheppard East Debate

    Work has begun on a section east of Markham Road at Gateforth just west of the Highland Creek tributary bridge. One lane is closed westbound from Gateforth Rd for about 50m. Mobile contruction office is on site as well.
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    Most Dangerous Neighbourhood(s)?

    The only thing dangerous about Malvern is the constant rumours and "I heard Malvern is really bad" statements made by people who obviously don't live in the area. Maybe the city can promote Malvern to tourists looking for a scare on Halloween.
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    City Workers Strike 2009

    AGTO... no they didn't. Negotiating a new contract with your employer has nothing to do with the absence of activities relating to the work of striking employees. Are you saying that people shouldn't try to secure the best contract for themselves only because of the bad smell piles of...
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    Toronto | Hullmark Centre | 167.94m | 45s | Tridel | Kirkor Architects

    SunnyRay's points are better than the combined lot of posters against him. Just because you are impatient doesn't mean the guy is wrong. And I don't think he is "directly advocating" shorter, stubbier buildings for the site, he's just saying why should the developer get away with grossly...
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    Transit City: Sheppard East Debate

    Arguing about the "total" number of riders on the SRT vs Sheppard Subway is to fail to recognize their indivudual essence. SRT is a continuation of a subway line and experiences near capacity during off-peak and weekends. Sheppard Subway is simply a Mon-Fri rush hour route. Who cares if...
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    Transit City Plan

    The Nation of Scarborough demands better transit for its citizens.
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    10 Dundas East (former Toronto Life Square, Ent Prop Trust, 10s, Baldwin & Franklin)

    This place is similar to chinatown malls.
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    I get on the TTC...

    Yup. They expressing the feelings of the riders. A breath of reality instead of the extremist transit geek ideologue.
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    Bay Adelaide Centre West Tower (Brookfield, 50s, WZMH)

    ROCP should look like that
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    Toronto | Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    Cut the extension in half to Steeles ala Sheppard mike harris style. Economic downturn my friends. Deficits are coming.
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    More on the new busses...

    the doors on the new buses arent the "tap" type. you have to push with a bit of force to get them to open. and you have to apply pressure to both bars instead of one. its possible to do it with just one, but you need to push much harder. these doors suck, not for myself, but for these...
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    Transit City Plan

    Please, give Sheppard East riders a mode of transit that reduces travel time by an appreciable amount. Expensive LRT that does little to improve travel times and frequency is not necessary and dooms the corridor to crappy slow service for decades. All we need are some limited stop express...