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  1. JasonParis

    Montreal Advice

    OK, I thought I'd use UT for a bit of crowd-sourcing... So I've likely been to Montreal approaching 20 times if I had to guess. I know the city very well. I have a few friends there and always enjoy it immensely. In fact, I'm headed there for the long weekend next week, but it isn't with a...
  2. JasonParis


    I figured it was time to give Uniqlo its own thread. Uniqlo in Talks to Open Stores in Canada in 2016 -As usual, it appears Yorkdale will be first.
  3. JasonParis

    Toronto PATH Retail

    The Nestle Toll House in Metro Centre has closed for not paying their rent.
  4. JasonParis


    The Avro will be closing at the end of the month I believe. They've been priced-out of the nabe unfortunately. Their Kensington Market bar - Handle Bar - will remain open though.
  5. JasonParis

    More (Or Less) Office Workers in Toronto's Core?

    I've found myself in a bit of an online argument with somebody who claims that Toronto's core is shrinking in terms of office workers, that more companies than ever are moving to the 905 and that the current building boom in office construction is merely moving the same people around to new...
  6. JasonParis

    Toronto Gets A New Outdoor Concert Venue

    Toronto gets a new outdoor concert venue to watch the sun go down, on Echo Beach, I watch the sun go down... Toronto gets a new outdoor concert venue AUX.TV Toronto’s behemoth outdoor music stadium, the Molson Amphitheatre, is getting a little friend—owner Live Nation has announced...
  7. JasonParis

    BFdesign Blog's TTC Brand Concept

    A friend of mine has put together what I think is a pretty excellent and timely analysis of the current state of the TTC's branding. He is currently living in London, UK and has noticed how TFL's information is always slick and informative and how the TTC's is sadly almost always bad. This...
  8. JasonParis

    Toronto soon to be North America's 4th largest?

    By my estimation, Toronto is now likely within 200,000 people of overtaking Chicago as North America's 4th largest city...
  9. JasonParis

    Windsor, ON

    Just some shots I took on a quick trip back in the summer... Pride Windsor @ Riverside Park along the Detroit River. A super hot day, but sadly there were probably only a few hundred people in attendance. Enjoyable, but a totally different experience than Pride T.O...
  10. JasonParis

    Re-Imagining Montreal's Potholes

    How great is this? My Potholes
  11. JasonParis

    Darkstar's Washington, DC (June, 2009)

    I was in Washington, DC for a conference back in June. Unfortunately, I had very little time to see the city, but here's a few things I did get to see... The US Capitol from a rainy National Mall. I.M. Pei's fabulous east wing of the National Gallery of Art. The sharp edge of the...
  12. JasonParis

    Mount Pleasant Cemetery Walk (June, 2009)

    Our "dead meet" rainy walk through Mount Pleasant Cemetery in mid-June with some fellow Urban Torontoers. We only covered the part of cemetery west of Mount Plesant Rd, but will tackle the other half next year. Enjoy! The Yonge Street Gate. Mount Pleasant Cemetery (cont.)...
  13. JasonParis

    Nanticoke, Port Dover and Brantford (July, 2009)

    Two weekends ago we grabbed a car and checked out a part of the province we haven't before. This quick trip involved stops in Nanticoke, Port Dover and Brantford, Ontario. Enjoy! Heavy rains hitting the sun roof on the QEW. Despite being a tiny town, Nanticoke is one of the most...
  14. JasonParis

    Pedestrian Sunday in Kensington, Giant TTC Map, Bickford Centre, etc. (May, 2009)

    Some more photos from earlier in the summer that I haven't had a chance to post until now.... These include the May 31st installment of Kensington Market's "Pedestrian Sundays," a few pictures of a giant TTC Map that is currently being painted in front of the of the Bickford Centre at 773...
  15. JasonParis

    The Back Streets of Chinatown (May, 2009)

    Took these back at the end of May (after a rain storm), but haven't had a chance to post until now...
  16. JasonParis

    Free daily "t.o.night" to launch in September

    Free daily t.o.night to launch in September by Melita Kuburas A new daily publication targeting afternoon and evening rush hour commuters will launch in Toronto on Sept. 8. Known as t.o.night, the daily will have an initial print run of 100,000 copies and be distributed between 3:30 and 6:30...
  17. JasonParis

    T&T Supermarket Chain acquired by Loblaws

    Just heard on CBC's Metro Morning that T&T Supermarkets Canada have been purchased by Loblaw's.
  18. JasonParis

    Darkstar's Pride Toronto 2009

    Another year, another Pride. Despite the slightly smaller crowds, the garbage strike, the US passport requirements and the less-than-perfect weather, I think Pride 2009 was another roaring success! We start on the Friday night with a rainbow-decked CN Tower. A few pics from the Vazaleen...
  19. JasonParis

    Pride 2009!

    Discuss all the trials, tribulations, joys, sorrows and photographic evidence to back-up your stories here...
  20. JasonParis

    Dakrstar's Doors Open 2009 (Sunday)

    As continued from Saturday... On Sunday morning, we began Day #2 of Doors Open with a building that reminded us a lot of how we ended Day #1. This is the new University of Toronto Exam Centre which is the largest purpose-built exam facility in North America. The building was originally a...