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  1. greenleaf

    87 Richmond St E (Toronto Parking Authority)

    This parking lot is listed in a recent Toronto Parking Authority Real Estate Strategy report as a “potential new opportunity” in their development portfolio. Sounds like potential to build social housing on this site...
  2. greenleaf

    Toronto | 38 Walmer Road | ?m | 20s | TAS | SA

    Church was looking to sell or partner (I think) with a developer but there are complicated steps to the sale of the site due to Baptist Church rules governing that their land use must be used for religious purposes. Anyway, it might be a while before anything happens here but discussions have begun.
  3. greenleaf

    485 Huron (12s, Uno Prii)

    Another Uno Prii building getting cleaned up with new windows, fixed balcony floors and new rails, and a paint job. Looks really nice from afar and up close.
  4. greenleaf

    11 Walmer Rd (recladding, 7s, Uno Prii)

    This has been undergoing renos all summer. EIFS were torn off to reveal white and black brick. Have yet to see what is going back in place (really hoping for white and black brick again). Some background here and photo...
  5. greenleaf

    Toronto Coach Terminal 610 Bay St (City of Toronto, ?s, ?)

    This is about 4 years away, but TTC is recommending selling this site once Greyhound Coach moves to 45 Bay Street. The Toronto Coach Terminal building is a...
  6. greenleaf

    Toronto | 666 Spadina Avenue | 41m | 11s | Cromwell | IBI Group

    This tower in the park will lose its park. Townhomes to be added on Sussex, midrise building (with retail) on Spadina. As far as I know it will be all rental. The architecture is not groundbreaking, but is not terrible in my opinion...
  7. greenleaf

    112 Harbord (?, 3s, ?)

    Saw signs up up about severing property to create 4 townhouses on Robert with retail on lower level. It is currently home to a hair salon.
  8. greenleaf

    Toronto | 321 Davenport | 36.4m | 9s | Alterra | Giannone Petricone

    Plans afoot here according to ARA: Blank page on Alterra site:
  9. greenleaf

    Toronto | 1200 Bay | 326.5m | 87s | ProWinko | Herzog & de Meuron

    This building holds David's Shoes and Capezio. It's a real mid-century beauty and I would truly hate to see it go. According to the most recent Toronto Life magazine, Sam Mizrahi is looking at buying this property/building.
  10. greenleaf

    CAMH Facility (250 College St, Brookfield, ?, ?)

    It looks like this site may change down the line. I wonder what the zoning is here. It's commercial use now and I really doubt the city would change that. I also would expect UofT might be quite interested in the land too. Tower in the park design aside, I'd rather not see this move. The...
  11. greenleaf

    Myseum of Toronto

    Announced today: Myseum of Toronto No physical location, just pop-ups as I expected.
  12. greenleaf

    Huron-Sussex The University of Toronto and the residents of the Huron Sussex community have developed a plan that could see significant positive changes to the historic downtown neighbourhood. It's...
  13. greenleaf

    Inclusionary zoning and affordable housing

    I couldn't find a thread on this, so I'll start one. NYC is using 80/20 building projects (that is, 20% of a building contains affordable, market rate and basically rent geared to income housing) to increase their supply of affordable housing. The city often offers more density or tax...
  14. greenleaf

    Museum of Toronto (?)

    I noticed a CEO search for Museum Toronto on the site. In the job description it mentions: "We aspire to rethink the Canadian big- city history museum traditions, and to develop architecturally thoughtful, purpose- built space that will support serious, reflective civic...
  15. greenleaf

    resetTO: massive changes coming to urban planning in Toronto?

    Anyone else seen this about resetTO? From the resetTO page: "To "reset" means to begin again with the same basic principles or context while following a different process. The current planning process functions on a site-by-site basis, which often forces the needs and vision of local...
  16. greenleaf

    Section 37 benefits review

    It looks like the planning department is finally reviewing section 37 policies: "This report summarizes the results of a consultant study undertaken to review the Section 37 implementation process, and recommends process changes. The recommendations in this report are informed by the outcomes...
  17. greenleaf

    Toronto | East United Condos | 82.6m | 24s | SigNature | Giannone Petricone

    From the Toronto Preservation Board agenda: Summary This report recommends that City Council include the property at 93-95 Berkeley Street on the City of Toronto Inventory of Heritage Properties for its cultural heritage...
  18. greenleaf

    Toronto | Aquavista at Bayside | 46.94m | 13s | Tridel | Arquitectonica

    from: Bayside is one of the first new neighbourhoods to be developed in the East Bayfront. It is comprised of public lands in which Waterfront Toronto has the lead in revitalizing. The Central Waterfront Secondary Plan, the...
  19. greenleaf

    17 Prince Arthur Ave (?, 4s, Diamond Schmitt)

    A nice little infill project that defers to the heritage building out front. It looks way better than what was done next door with the bad yellow stucco with poor detailing choices that were slapped on. They are currently digging below the house now. Info here...
  20. greenleaf

    Planning for Employment Uses in the City of Toronto

    Executive Summary [pdf] From email from the City: Release of Consultants Study and Staff Report on Employment Uses in Toronto As an important element of the Official Plan Reviews the City commissioned a team of consultants to examine evolving employment trends and changing land and space...