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  1. golodhendil

    I.M. Pei skyscraper in HK to be demolished (The article is in Chinese, but a less detailed English article can be found here) The...
  2. golodhendil

    Toronto | Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    Anyone has any idea if this is a recent/real proposal? From the sketches in the video it looks like the towers will cover 1.5 block along King, including the Princess of Wales Theatre.
  3. golodhendil

    Toronto randoms '09

    Pictures taken on my vacation back home in Toronto in August '09: Old and new on Yonge South panoramic view from 12th floor of CCBR East panoramic view Front Campus, UofT Holy Name Church on Danforth Downtown skyline, from the 504 on Broadview View from a Queens...
  4. golodhendil

    The Big Smoke

    Smoggy aerial shots from 04/09 and 08/09. 04/09: stopover in Toronto en route to Victoria Humber River bridge Condos around Bayview Village ------ 08/09, flight home for vacation NYCC Yonge-Eglinton and downtown (link to set...
  5. golodhendil

    Innovation Cities Global 256 Index: Boston at the top, Toronto ranked #19

    Another of these global rankings, take this with however many grains of salt you need. ----------- The "Nexus 25" Cities: GLOBAL RANK/ CITY/ INDEX SCORE 1 Boston 28 2 Vienna 28 3 Amsterdam 27 4 Paris 27 5 San Francisco 27 6 London 27 7 Hamburg 27 8 New York 27 9 Tokyo 26...