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    The Guvernment Complex is Closing (Jan. 2015)

    The Guvernment, mainstay of Toronto's nightclub scene, to close Nightclub and ajoining concert venue, Koolhaus, set to close January 2015 The Guvernment, a long-running nightclub complex on Toronto's waterfront, is shutting its doors after 17 years in business. There was no reason given...
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    Ford asks province for more than $150M

    David Rider Urban Affairs Bureau Chief...
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    Getting Rid Of Unions

    This is not an area I'm exactly an expert in, so I'm hoping some of our more informed members can provide some enlightenment. I've noticed one of the main criticisms of Miller is that he was in bed with the unions. Many feel he should've just got rid of them. Ford has played on that sentiment...
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    Bell's (and Fido's) New Logo

    What do you think? Personally I'm not very impressed at all, though it has slightly grown on me.
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    Whatever Happened To...

    ...AlchemistTO and ShawnMicaleff? Two of my favourite reads on the board. I assume they're just to busy to post these days?
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    Living in Korea

    I'm considering a move to South Korea and was curious if anyone has lived there before. Good locations, cost of living, general experiences, etc. Anything would be helpful.
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    City's downtown population surges

    City core attracting a wealthier, better educated, childless population Oct 26, 2007 07:42 AM John Spears...