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    Thoughts about this floor plan?
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    Floor plan design

    What changes would you make to this space? I am just trying to gather ideas on how to improve the plan as much as possible to get the best use of the space.
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    Thoughts on this loft? there is a floor plan in the link. is it worth it? holding back offers so it should go for more.
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    3 Bedroom Floor Plan

    Thoughts on this 3 bedroom unit?
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    Kitchen Fixtures design

    What do you guys think of these patina brass kitchen fixtures in this kitchen? Stainless steel is now the standard in all Toronto condos, but I have seen this brass trend in some high end lofts and apartments in New York city and I really like them. they actually are installed all over the...
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    Brant Park - Floorplan

    Thoughts on this floorplan?
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    The Harlowe - Floorplan thoughts

    What do you guys think of this floorplan? 10 ft ceilings. What would you modify to the actual design? 3 ideas that come to my mind, an extended kitchen island that serves as a dinner table, a double vanity in the main bathroom and a double glass door for the second bedroom removing the actual...
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    The Carlaw Urban Towns

    What do you guys think about these units at the Carlaw (Dundas&Carlaw)? 975 sqft with parking and locker for $479k. 10ft ceilings on 1st level and 9ft on second level. They call then Urban towns - townhouses. This model 975 sq ft is actually on the 3rd and 4rd floor...
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    88 Scott - Opinions

    Hey Guys, what do you think about this unit at 88 Scott? One plus den on 5th floor facing east to Scott St., 800 sq ft, $435k, $543 per sq ft. No outdoor space, but the unit will have 12 ft smooth plaster ceilings. Finishes are amazing, same as the Berczy. opinions?
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    Context King West (Context) - Real Estate -

    Pricing King A: 3-5th floors, 405sf, starting from $270,900 King B: 6-13th floors, 415sf, starting from $270,900 King C: 6-13th floors, 375sf, starting from $260,900 Portland A: 2-5th floors, 463sf, starting from $306,900 Portland C: 3-5th floors, 466sf...
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    8 Gladstone (Streetcar) - Real Estate -

    What do you guys think about this project and location?
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    Layout opinion - 8 Gladstone

    What do you think guys of this layout and unit on the second floor in terms of investment?, french balcony. It is the cheapest unit in the building for $239k for 520 sq ft, it is like $460 per sq ft
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    Design Opinion

    How and where would you place a divider in this studio to separate a sleep area? or would you leave it open? what ideas do you have?. the open area seems to be like 17' 6" x 14'. the unit has 475 sq ft. I am not sure if there is any desing option to be converted to a small one jr. bedroom
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    Corktown Phase 2 - Layout opinion

    What do you guys think about this floorplan? 10 ft ceilings, concrete ceiling painted white, polished concrete floor
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    King Charlotte - Brad Lamb

    What do you guys think about this unit? it is 763 sq ft, 2 beds 1 bath. The unit that I am looking at is on the 2nd floor (7 mts above the ground floor) with a big terrace 17'x33', so 561 sq ft terrace. Gas on kitchen and terrace for bbq. The unit will have nice windows, however it will not have...
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    Layout opinion - 650 King West

    What do you think about this floorplan?
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    Thompson Residences - Floorplan

    What's your opinion on this floorplan? is that unit on the second floor on this picture
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    Smooth plater ceiling - Contractor

    Could someone recommend a good contractor to smooth plater an exposed concrete ceiling? what would the price aprox for one bed 600 sq ft unit?
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    Floor plan design ideas

    What would you change or modify to this studio floorplan unit? I definitely do not like the closet location, would you move the entire closet to the wall against the bathroom and laundry room? to leave a complete open concept or maybe leave the small part of the closet where it is by the...
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    Investment options

    For investment purposes, what option do you think is better? 1. Market Wharf (St Lawrence market), 620 sq ft 7th floor facing west for $294900 or 2. X Condos (Charles&Jarvis), 545 sq ft 16th floor facing east for $259000 same price per sq ft on both $475