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    Lost Road: The Middle Road.

    The Middle Road was the precursor to the QEW between the-then Etobicoke and Burlington. Unlike the QEW though, it only ran as far east as the former Highway 27 (now 427) before being tying into the-then Queen Street, now The Queensway (yes it was that Queen St.), which of course led drivers into...
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    Lost Road: Fifth Line West

    Mississauga's mighty Erin Mills Parkway follows what was once Fifth Line, a minor concession road. Nothing unusual in major arterials following old concessions, but in this case there were several bypassed sections and even a complete abandonment of Fifth Line: In the 1954 pic, Fifth Line had...
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    Why were no other "Metropolitan (City)" regions ever created in Ontario?

    Metropolitan Toronto was created by splitting Toronto and it's suburbs from what was then York County in 1953, creating a new county-level tier. Why was this not done to say, Hamilton and Ottawa (or perhaps London), while leaving the rest of their parent counties (Wentworth and Carlton...
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    Vaughan Valley Centre office building (6100-6300 Highway 7 W, ?, 6s, ?)

    Don't think there is a thread for this, so I think this nearly-completed one that I never knew was going up until I saw it passing through the area has slipped under the radar:
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    Lost road: Sheppard Avenue through Etobicoke

    A cool thing I notice is that a road that corresponds to Sheppard Ave once ran through Etobicoke (with a break). The westernmost part of today's Rexdale Blvd. was part of it: Another section of it still exists as present Barker Ave. It lines up perfectly with Sheppard (when the northward...
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    Lost road: Fourth Concession Etobicoke

    An interesting thing I noticed while looking at a historical map of Etobicoke and noticed an extra concession road which appears to no longer exist. I checked on Google Earth and discovered that it still does---in three different sections; Carlingview, Humberline, and Renforth Drives I wondered...
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    Lost Road: Hurontario Street

    Hurontario Street runs from Mississauga north to Collingwood. The southernmost and northernmost stretches followed (and still follow in part) Highway 10 and former Highway 24 respectively. The middle section, from Orangeville to Glen Huron, is bypassed, though it still exists, broken into...
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    Lost Road: Historic route of Dundas Street though the Niagara Escarpment?

    Dundas St. runs from Toronto west to London. It was also known as Governors Road historically and is still known as that in parts between the former town called Dundas and Paris. To reach Dundas, the street would have had to cross through the escarpment from Waterdown. There are a few roads...
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    Toronto | Park Avenue Place | 71.62m | 23s | Solmar | Graziani + Corazza

    Could this be the Park Avenue Place project? Doing a search showed no thread for this project other than maybe this one. The address is close: 9070, according to Google Maps. If so, this one's really slipped under the radar as it appears construction may be starting soon: PS: There's...
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    Maple leaves on corporate logos

    Does anyone think seeing maple leaves on retail logos, etc. is silly? They're supposed to identify a chain as Canadian, but you see them on American chains here as well as genuine Canadian ones, so they don't actually identify them as Canadian at all. Even dumber is why contracting companies...
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    Photo attachment system not working?

    When I try to post pics on the forum, my screen turns pale when I click the built-in photo attachment icon and it doesn't open. What's wrong?
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    The 905: Then and Now(ish)

    In the spirit of Brewster's Scarborough-then-and-now thread, I've decided to make a '905' version. The 'then' pics are only from the early 90s instead of the 50s, 60s, and 70s and are poor quality video stills, but I think you'll still like the comparisons. Here are some from Mississauga...
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    Trouble getting pic filesize within upload limit

    While making multiple files with two pics each (~1.25 MB) and then using the originals as templates, I noticed to my disappointment that the last few I made bloated up to ~3 MB each and were too big to upload to UT. I made them again, erasing the pics on the templates and making double...
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    Restaurants open on New Years?

    Does anyone know if restaurats such as Boston Pizza, Jack Astor's, etc, are open on New Years Eve? I know most fast-food places tend to close early that night, but am not sure about these types of establishments. I'm looking for suburban locations.