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    America....AKA OJ Land

    I just returned from a business trip to the US and I can't get over the extent of the coverage of the latest OJ Simpson scandal. Actually, I'm not really that surprised since this type of thing is tailor-made for the media, but it's still overwhelming nonetheless. Regardless of the type of show...
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    The Women's Section is That Way...Now Move!

    This is fast becoming a pet peeve: the last few times I have gone shopping for clothing, I find that the men's section has several women shopping in it, no doubt for their style-challenged boyfriends or husbands. Not a big deal if it's a spacious store, but in cramped environs such as Winner's...
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    The Sirens are Driving me Nuts!

    I just got back from four days in NYC and in the span of less than two days in Toronto I have been subjected to what seems like the constant wail of sirens. Yet in NYC, a much, much larger city I don't recall hearing the sirens nearly as much! It's really irritating, and I can't imagine that we...
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    Brutal drivers in the GTA.

    I rented my Zipcar today to head out to Mississaga to visit family. I very rarely drive, so perhaps I was paying more attention than normal to my driving and the others around me. I can't believe how brutal so many of the drivers are in the GTA. I can't begin to count how many people change...
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    Spire storefronts

    Does anyone know what's going into the old Spire sales office (not the one in the Spire building, but the one on Adelaide, between Victoria and Church)? It's been under construction for quite a while now.
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    Great news about a bakery finally coming into this neighbourhood! We need something other than high-end furniture shops along King East