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  1. smably

    Ignore threads

    I can ignore users, but I can't find a way to ignore threads that annoy me. Is this supported by the forum software?
  2. smably

    The Esplanade Assembly | Allied REIT

    From Norm Li's Instagram: "Over the course of seven acquisitions, owner Allied REIT has assembled a contiguous parcel of land of nearly 2 acres. Allied REIT partnered with [@torontonaiop] to offer 35-49 Front Street East and 54-70 The Esplanade, Toronto as the subject site for the 2020...
  3. smably

    Toronto | 1319 Bloor West | 105.3m | 31s | KingSett Capital | Hariri Pontarini

    The Value Village site at Bloor and St Helens has been sold for $80 million (!). Must be some major density being planned here given the price. Maybe this development will get the Bloor/Lansdowne GO station built.
  4. smably

    City of Toronto's Application Information Centre

    I'm working on a personal civic tech project relating to the AIC / Development Applications portal / whatever you want to call it. You know, the page where you go to find information about new developments in Toronto:
  5. smably

    Toronto | 2280 Dundas West | ?m | 42s | Choice Properties | Hariri Pontarini

    Just mentioned by Gord Perks on Twitter: Sounds like Choice Properties, a.k.a. Loblaws, is finally moving to redevelop their huge property at Bloor and Dundas: This was the city's demonstration plan from the Bloor/Dundas Avenue Study back in...
  6. smably

    Toronto | Tretti Condos | 45.11m | 13s | Collecdev | gh3

    Found this image on the Collecdev site, uploaded last month:
  7. smably

    731 Eastern @ Leslie (FreshCo site, Craft Development, 10s, AUDAX)

    I stumbled on this render on the AUDAX site for a "new mixed-use development" near the waterfront: Image via AUDAX site. There isn't much detail on the page, but the client is listed as Craft Developments, and the image filename contains the word "Eastern". Sure enough, Craft owns the plaza...
  8. smably


    Surprised there's no Roncy thread. I'll start the thread off by noting that construction is underway on the Dundas Roncesvalles Peace Garden in the triangle in front of the Starbucks, previously featured on UT. It'll be a huge improvement for that intersection. The section of Dundas north to...