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  1. NotKevinBacon

    Bygone Neighbourhoods

    LOL, it was a cemetery for a special kind of people. Even they have to rest somewhere. :D I don't blame them, Upper Beach sound more hippy, like some kind of a Great Gatsby neighbourhood, while East Toronto sounds boring.
  2. NotKevinBacon

    Best Skyline Other Than Toronto In Canada

    I'm going with Vancouver on 100%. A modern city enveloped by misty mountains makes for a special eerie atmosphere. And the morning/evening haze engulfing the city and the river bank makes for some great photos. I swear that next time I'm in Vancouver I'll make some and post them here. I don't...
  3. NotKevinBacon

    Construction Gone Wild

    I think that this one's a winner. :D
  4. NotKevinBacon

    Help Me, Torontonians!

    Yeah precisely. + Maybe the marineland with orcas and belugas.
  5. NotKevinBacon

    Toronto events and festivals

    I really don't wanna miss TIFF this year: Not because of Nicolas Cage or Zac Efron. I still haven't seen a lot of last year's films: The Hunt, Amour or Pieta are still on my list with several others. And I haven't seen the detailed program of this year's festival, but I desperately need some...
  6. NotKevinBacon

    Ontario's top 10 historic downtowns

    I must confess that since my trip over Europe, I don't find these downtowns as amazing as I did.
  7. NotKevinBacon

    Movies that feature Toronto

    I still like Casa Loma as Charles Xavier's home and school for the gifted in the X-men series the best. I hope this is not too off-topic, since these homes are not in Toronto, but they are still cool filming locations. This video of the house from Home Alone brings back many memories...I...
  8. NotKevinBacon

    Do Torontians really like this kind of stuff?

    I know these buildings are actually nothing new. But do we really like them? I think that OCAD looks especially horrible. Like something from a very bad kids show (Teletubbies, Lazy Town). I still find it ridiculous to look at and I really don't know - what kind of people appreciate it...
  9. NotKevinBacon

    China to Build Worlds Tallest 90 days?

    Few years ago, I saw a video youtube about how they built a hotel in just couple of days (2 I think). So I would believe that they are able to make this happen.
  10. NotKevinBacon

    Fantasy conversions?

    I know it's a bit of necroposting, but I think it's better than just starting a new thread because of a single thought, but these fantasy conversions usually come with old factories and warehouses turning into lofts like these. I think that Charles Pachter made a new home out of an old warehouse...
  11. NotKevinBacon

    steveve's Toronto city model

    You've got some serious talent. Have you been thinking about painting it too?
  12. NotKevinBacon

    "Toronto" chocolate from Venezuela

    I see what u did there. :D
  13. NotKevinBacon

    Post: City to sell old street signs at $10/ea

    I would love me some Casa Loma. :D
  14. NotKevinBacon

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Do you think he sleeps in Superman or Batman pyjamas?
  15. NotKevinBacon

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    Then tell me, where's the catch?
  16. NotKevinBacon

    Rob Ford's Toronto

    I must say that I lol at the issue. More at the irony of the whole thing. First, Ford "allegedly" gets caught on a video and then they are unable to show the video, because their guys went off the grid. I "wonder" who made them do such thing. It's like an amateur Shakespearean comedy in three...
  17. NotKevinBacon

    TO at night

    These are not mine, but I think they are worth linking, since they fit the topic more than well:
  18. NotKevinBacon

    What is your current situation in the real estate market?

    Have you looked at the latest TREB statistics? Or you can look at this market report: Sales in March were 18.7 per cent lower than in March 2012. With the housing bubble we're having, it's even more...
  19. NotKevinBacon

    Baby, we got a bubble!?

    I think we shouldn't be surprised by the continual decrease, with the explosive expansion of the market that started more than ten years ago, it's only logical that the market would "course-correct" itself by rapidly halting the boom. Btw: my eyes are getting really tired (read: I am getting...
  20. NotKevinBacon

    Engrish in Toronto

    There is this classic Japanese video game from 1991 called Zero Wing, which was translated to English very poorly, thus creating the popular phrase "All Your Base Belong to Us" The game's intro always makes me laugh.