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    Waterfront PortLands Flood Protection "Toronto, June 28 – One of North America’s largest underused...
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    Ontario Budget Week

    Ontario budget comes out this coming week (Thursday the 25th). What proposals/studies do you think will be tendered over the summer/fall using spending included in this budget? Last year we saw the start of work on the Barrie line for 30 minute bidirectional frequencies. It also hinted we...
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    Toronto Condo Charts -- Feedback requested The chart website allows you to pick your own measurements (1 bedroom, 2, 3+, all), price (close price, listing, lease, maintenance fees, and taxes) and region/neighbourhood/ward/building/cluster of buildings (City Place). The dataset is primarily from MLS...
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    Realtor Reviews Requested

    I am trying to seed a fairly new website for rating and reviewing realtors. This is an attempt to compete with all of the "paid" review websites out there which do not work in the interest of the consumer or the real-estate agent. If you have had a recent real-estate experience and can share...
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    Trying to contact Billy Corgan

    A magazine in Ottawa is writing an article on Tip Top and wants to use some of his construction photos. I've tried the email address I had on hand and a private message here, to no response. Does anyone have active contact information for him? Please send it to me in a private message...