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  1. ponyboy

    Condos not regularly occupied -- can we tell from bare balconies?

    Just wondering if anyone thinks we can infer how many condos are not regularly occupied by looking at the balconies of buildings around town. For example, I took a few quick photos of buildings in the Charles st area, and many have nothing apparent on the balconies. Is is common for regularly...
  2. ponyboy

    Building enclosed rooms on large balcony -- possible or not?

    Hi Everyone, This isn't my unit, but I've noticed that the corner podium units on this building -- Yards at Fork York, 20 Bruyeres Mews -- have very large outdoor spaces. photo: Here is a corner...
  3. ponyboy

    Re-routing rail away from Don River -- what can be done to open up Don River Valley Park?

    Sorry I couldn't find any discussion about this. I am not a rail expert, but know there are many on this forum. I just learned about an interesting and bold scheme to transform the entire Don Valley into a contiguous park, requiring consolidating two rail lines into one, opening the Don river...
  4. ponyboy

    NYTimes: Taller Buildings, Cheaper Homes (May 4, 2010)

    this article and reader comments raise some interesting points we may want to discuss on this forum. Seems odd that there is no references to Toronto anywhere. NYTimes: Taller Buildings, Cheaper Homes (May 4...
  5. ponyboy

    Older Condos Better Than New? Discuss

    Older Condos Better Than New? By VIVIAN S. TOY BUYERS who once would have headed straight for the sleek lines and polished finishes of new condominiums are discovering a different sector of the market: almost-new condos. Buildings...
  6. ponyboy

    Parking in the downtown core

    this photo shows that there remains a lot of space for towers in the future. Are there any proposals to build on any of the lots south of AC and MapleLeaf place? I know that Ice is across the street to the west.
  7. ponyboy

    Grange Park

    Yesterday I was walking through the Grange Park neighbourhood (just east of Spadina, south of College and north of Queens). The location is ideal (proximity to U of T, AGO, Queen West, downtown, etc), but many of the houses are ramshackle. I know that there is a lot of affordable student...