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  1. smably

    Toronto | 2280 Dundas West | ?m | 42s | Choice Properties | Hariri Pontarini

    Lots of materials have dropped on I'll post a selection below. First, from the cover letter, some unfortunate but understandable changes due to stalled negotiations with the school boards. It seems that after four years, Choice wanted to get moving on this: The plan...
  2. smably

    Problematic Park Design - Why Some Parks Don't Work

    Thank you, @Northern Light! Incredible, detailed, thorough, thoughtful review. One thought: I wonder whether the fact that it's a long weekend may have contributed to the appearance of underuse. I know most summer weekends, it's a busy place. The grassy areas are often full of (mostly) young...
  3. smably

    Toronto | Ontario Court of Justice Toronto | 95.7m | 17s | Infrastructure Ontar | Renzo Piano

    This building doesn't look cheap to me though? Sure, it's subtle and unflashy and from a distance it looks like your standard commercial glass box, but the detailing (what's been done so far, at least) looks top-notch. Lots of good stuff yet to come. The understatedness is by design, so as not...
  4. smably

    Saving Vancouver Island Railway

    Maybe the province can kick in some of the funding earmarked for the museum to get this project off the ground.
  5. smably

    Toronto | Wallace Emerson Community Centre & Park | ?m | 3s | ELAD Canada | Perkins + Will

    Good news: fences went up around the western portion of the park this past weekend, so construction seems imminent. Bad news: the entire width of the park has been blocked off and there is no alternate access route to the mall from Emerson, so it looks like locals arriving on foot and by bike...
  6. smably

    Toronto | 1425 Bloor West | 65.05m | 18s | KingSett Capital | BDP Quadrangle

    I hope, but am not entirely optimistic, that KingSett develops this themselves with the proposed design and doesn't flip it to Neudorfer or Marlin Spring or something.
  7. smably

    Toronto | Craft Residences | 30.67m | 8s | Gairloch | BDP Quadrangle

    I think this is the product they're using for the cladding:
  8. smably

    Hydro One Project, Downtown

    I love this stuff -- so much hidden infrastructure below our feet. I was curious about what the current route is, so I dug through the EA materials and found this map: This slide helped me visualize the tunnel (larger than I expected!): So then I got to wondering, if this is 25m deep, is it...
  9. smably

    Problematic Park Design - Why Some Parks Don't Work

    +Bellwoods by me, please and thank you!
  10. smably

    Shabby Public Realm

    I'm not saying I disagree, but this maybe seems like a topic to explore on your podcast/blog/twitter rather than in the shabby public realm thread? But hey, if you have solutions, I'm all ears.
  11. smably

    New St Lawrence Library (City of Toronto, ?s, ?)

    Important piece by @AlexBozikovic (paywalled) in the Globe today about this library, and Toronto public architecture in general: The whole thing is great, but here are a few highlights: The piece goes...
  12. smably

    Toronto | Ace Hotel Toronto | 44.8m | 13s | Carbon Hospitality | Shim-Sutcliffe

    Got an email from them today. Opening has been delayed to "late July" -- I'm seeing reservations available starting August 1.
  13. smably

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    I eagerly await your Christie Pits review! 😉
  14. smably

    Evocative Images of Lost Toronto

    Can't answer original selling price, but the address first appeared in the 1930 city directory with the owner listed as "Dunbar Chas M".
  15. smably

    Toronto | Bloor & Dufferin | 128.9m | 37s | Hazelview | Turner Fleischer

    From lunch today, a story in four parts:
  16. smably

    Problematic Park Design - Why Some Parks Don't Work

    Since we're doing big park requests, I would love to hear your thoughts on Trinity Bellwoods. Obviously one of the most successful and well-used parks in the city, and yet at times it feels strangely neglected. A few years back, I complained about some of that neglect in the shabby public realm...