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  1. scarberiankhatru

    TTC: St. Clair Streetcar Right Of Way

    Don't think I've posted in this thread yet....was the ROW worth it? The streetcar was already there and ~$100m is a very small sum to pay in an effort to improve the operation of the line and change some streetscaping along the way. We should be spending $100m on every arterial in the city to...
  2. scarberiankhatru

    Is Toronto Beautiful?

    Right. And we do need to compare worst to worst because let's face it: even tourists don't see/visit/experience just the famous postcard spots of a city. Our worst is possibly on par or better than the worst of any other city in the world (maybe barring something like Canberra or Astana). The...
  3. scarberiankhatru

    OneCity Plan

    Let's be honest here: it's not like the City of Toronto is going to fund and build and operate any of this without the province chipping in most of the money. The province is probably not going to hand Toronto another blank cheque to build the latest commissioner's fantasy map when they can fund...
  4. scarberiankhatru

    OneCity Plan

    No, it's not my number one objection, it's just what I listed first. I didn't need to list any and I could have listed more. Other than the fact that I was looking at Yonge out a window when I posted that, my eye goes to Yonge Street when I see a map of Toronto, just like your finger goes...
  5. scarberiankhatru

    OneCity Plan

    Like Transit City, OneCity is a very poor transit plan. Quantity over quality. At least Metrolinx/MoveOntario had ambitious plans which included regional components and more than just little stubway lines a few kilometres long that save hardly any time, while adding transfers. Oh, sure, if we...
  6. scarberiankhatru

    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    A branch here, a branch there, a branch somewhere else...could it be that we're building transit in the wrong place to start with? I think so!
  7. scarberiankhatru

    Toronto | Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    It's all one entrance. The two boomerang arms just take you to the middle doors on the inside bend. They don't increase access to the platform for anyone or reduce travel time. The multiple doors on the west side of the boomerang all lead to a single entrance in the middle of the platform...
  8. scarberiankhatru

    George Brown College Waterfront Campus | ?m | 8s | George Brown | KPMB COMPLETE

    Well, Southcore sort of works as a generic and cold downtown adjunct, though it's not nearly as corporate and obtuse and controlled and overwhelming as it should have been to be a place like Canary Wharf or Dallas/Houston or the financial district in The Crimson Permanent Assurance. I don't...
  9. scarberiankhatru

    Toronto | Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    A lot of those students will be coming from GO/YRT buses to the north, though, and since York U station has such comically limited access to the surrounding campus (just a single entrance in the middle of the Commons) there could be some people using Steeles West instead and maybe even Finch...
  10. scarberiankhatru

    Bayview and Sheppard: Toronto's most congested intersections

    I guess it was obvious that when I said Sheppard was always a busy, developed road, I was talking about after it was farmland. Guess not. The area went from farmland to having office parks, malls, apartments, etc., in one development cycle. Look at the hospital getting built next to a farm...
  11. scarberiankhatru

    Toronto | Spadina Subway Extension Emergency Exits | ?m | 1s | TTC | IBI Group

    With just six stations on the extension, I like those odds! A zombie apocalypse would result in a huge spike due to the cemetery across the street but the timeframe of a zombie invasion is difficult to model. Even a modestly-sized office complex with a retail concourse and perhaps a few...
  12. scarberiankhatru

    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    That's because Ellesmere would make sense. We could have extended the Danforth subway to STC and then have streetcars radiate out along Ellesmere, Progress, and McCowan. Real benefit for more people. Too bad a few light rail cooks spoiled the transit broth by insisting transit avoid STC (and...
  13. scarberiankhatru

    Metrolinx: Sheppard East LRT (In Design)

    Nice boosterific copy there, but everyone's reaction to this is "Oh, please." Most of the transit we're building in Scarborough is buses on rails and it's costing us billions of dollars. Sheppard east of Agincourt, Eglinton west of Kennedy, and the Progress bus are some of the lower...
  14. scarberiankhatru

    Bayview and Sheppard: Toronto's most congested intersections

    That's like saying, "Yonge has not ALWAYS been our intensely developed main street. Here's a woodcut etching of Simcoe surveying the future Yonge Street. Look at the all the trees and lack of development." So Sheppard should be more like Hwy 7? Uh, yeah, because that street is such a...
  15. scarberiankhatru

    Income Polarization in Toronto - The Three Cities study

    The Three Cities study is intentionally confused and misleading in methods and interpretation because its purpose was to create some VERY SCARY MAPS to bolster a specific agenda of urban, social, and housing policies.
  16. scarberiankhatru

    Bayview and Sheppard: Toronto's most congested intersections

    That makes no sense. Sheppard has always been busy and intensely developed with places people are actually going to and from and it's the place that makes the most sense as an east/west transit corridor. It was congested long before they started any of the condos a decade ago. But two...
  17. scarberiankhatru

    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Longer platforms actually add a relatively small amount to the cost of an overall line. There's other factors behind Eglinton's boondoggly pricetag.
  18. scarberiankhatru

    The Housing Market needs to crash.

    Also, Urban Shocker's generation did move into houses in huge numbers, though perhaps not people in his circles. There was a massive amount of townhouse complexes and semi/link-detached houses built on the edge of the city (places like Mississauga, north Scarborough, etc.) that offered...
  19. scarberiankhatru

    Toronto | The Residences at Central Park | 105.9m | 31s | Amexon | Core Architects

    "The community" tends to never be more than 5 or 10 loud house-owners who show up to meetings and complain to their councillor and generally cause a ruckus about traffic/shadowed backyards/an influx of less wealthy people/whatever. Maybe they'll go door to door and get 100 petition signatures...
  20. scarberiankhatru

    Toronto | 228 Wilson Avenue | 57m | 17s | Verdiroc | CGL Architects

    My sequence of reactions to the three photos posted by ProjectEnd: 1 - Ooo! 2 - Oh. 3 - Ugh...