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  1. Geekaroo

    Walking in the City 051311 Hope you like the newest set
  2. Geekaroo

    Pieces in Blocks

    some pics i took on lunch on friday. "Pieces in Blocks - Masonry and Miscellanea" jimy
  3. Geekaroo

    Funland Video Arcade Closed - June 22, 2008

    Another sign of the changing landscape along Yonge street. I noticed the sign on my way in to work this morning. Funland arcade at Yonge & Gould closed on June 22, 2008. Am I correct, is this the last of the old-school video arcades on the Yonge strip? The times they keep 'a changin.
  4. Geekaroo

    A Gloomy Friday Lunchtime Walk

    I took a walk on lunch today. Snapped a few for posterity. I decidedly avoided construction of any kind. MAP 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 Hope you enjoyed the walk :)
  5. Geekaroo

    Brookfield Place (Brookfield)

    Just wandering the PATH. All mention of BCE has been removed from the PATH and atrium space. The complex is now called Brookfield Place with the TD Canada Trust Tower and the Bay Wellington Tower. Even the website now points to Apparently the BCE...