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  1. reaperexpress

    Roads: Traffic Signals

    This is a thread topic that has been notably missing, with discussion on traffic signals littered throughout other threads, such as - Streetcar and Light Rail Signals - Queens Quay Revitalization - Flexity LRV - Transit City and Traffic Lights etc.
  2. reaperexpress

    Potential for Maple GO Station development

    During this summer's GO Barrie Line weekend service trial, ridership was not very high, and that is probably because there are almost no destinations along the line other than Barrie and Downtown Toronto. Most stops have little around them except subdivisions and parking lots. I think Maple GO...
  3. reaperexpress

    European traffic signs in Toronto

    I've noticed a couple instances of non-standard signs in Toronto. They're in the European style of a blue circle with white symbols, instead of the North American style of a yellow diamond with black symbols. Here's a picture I took of one of the roundabouts on Yeomans Road in North York...
  4. reaperexpress

    Bicycles of Toronto

    Here are a few pictures I took downtown on Thursday. Bicycle parking in Commerce Court: A man on a single-speed bike catching up to a Fisker Karma hybrid luxury car: Bike racks in the Distillery District: King Street East:
  5. reaperexpress

    Improvements in Median Transit Design

    There is general agreement that the St. Clair and Spadina "LRT" lines are not shining examples of LRT design. They are notoriously slow, largely due to poor transit priority and inherently obstructive vehicular left turns. We were told that Transit City would be a large improvement upon that...
  6. reaperexpress

    Poll: Renaming Yonge-University-Spadina

    Since the Spadina line only has 2 stops on Spadina, many people would like the YUS to be called something else. What should it be named? In all cases, the line would be Yellow on maps, and be numbered route 1 internally.