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  1. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 133 Queen East | 133m | 41s | IBI Group

    Considering the meeting is just starting now.. I’d be a bit more patient.
  2. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | 245 Queen Street East | 128m | 37s | ONE Properties | Arquitectonica

    Koops massing is way off in scale. He has it covering the entire site, this is only the first phase in the development and covers only about a third of the site. This is also not 430 feet tall, that is the height of the tallest building in the development. This is a little over 300ft.
  3. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    It doesn't qualify on a traffic basis, AADT sits in the mid 20'000s, you typically need closer to 50,000 to widen. High truck volumes can reduce it, but not cut it in half. The widening a political thing regarding safety. No different than the 400 extension to Sudbury - it isn't warranted on a...
  4. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Commerce Court 3 | 302m | 64s | QuadReal | Hariri Pontarini

    Amendments were minor in relation to providing more time to bring forward the section 37 benefits package.
  5. innsertnamehere

    Transit Ridership Statistics & Tracking

    It's not directly at Clifton Hill but it isn't really possible to get that close. It's about a 20 minute walk away, which is pretty reasonable, especially since it's along a fairly nice trail. Frequency and schedule is sh*t. Basically unusable. 2.5 hour travel time leaving once a day in the...
  6. innsertnamehere

    Ion Light Rail (Kitchener-Waterloo, U/C) & King/Victoria Transit Terminal

    I could have sworn I remember seeing that they have 50 limits on street. 20km/h limits are around the tight corners and stations, I believe.
  7. innsertnamehere

    Vaughan Centre Bus Terminal

    My understanding is that this is still moving, just not quickly. It's not standing still anymore though.
  8. innsertnamehere

    Transit Ridership Statistics & Tracking

    These numbers are boardings only - TTC numbers are boardings and alightings. So to compare them, double GO's numbers. Oakville GO is comparable to Museum station, for example. Union is equivalent to, well, Union.
  9. innsertnamehere

    Transit Ridership Statistics & Tracking

    Note the ridership boost on inner Toronto GO stations with the new fare structure. Agincourt is basically the only station in Toronto that isn't posting 10% ridership growth, and that is likely mostly attributable to construction.
  10. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Water's Edge at the Cove (was Waterways) | 182m | 56s | Conservatory Group | Richmond Architects

    Check the plans for the new ones going up. Pretty sure Nautique has 6 levels.
  11. innsertnamehere

    1056 Queen Street West (Carlyle Communities, 1s, JA Studio)

    This reno is terrible. Looks completely cheap and any sense of luxury / fine dining that is supposed to come from Forno Cultura is completely obscured by the parking lot out front.
  12. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    The only part that’s officially getting widened now is from major Mack to king road, but there are 3 interchange reconstructions underway with probably a half dozen bridge replacements as well. It’s been moving at a relatively rapid pace compared to 5 years ago. The first thing they did to...
  13. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    Keep in mind as well that the minister has already directed MTO to widen the western portion of the 401 to 6 lanes between Windsor and London..
  14. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    Most likely as many stretches of the 401 are starting to warrant widening and need reconstruction anyway as they are reaching end of life. I expect It will go much like the 400 reconstruction is going right now. Years of bridge and interchange rebuilds with little in the way of actual new...
  15. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | The Well | 174m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Finally found your secret photo taking location yesterday. What a great spot! Right on the edge of the shoring with an unimpeded view of the whole site. This project really is quite crazy in scale.
  16. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Commerce Court 3 | 302m | 64s | QuadReal | Hariri Pontarini

    Interesting to note that this project will house about 9,000 jobs upon completion. That's about 4% of the entire country's job growth in 2018. In a single building.
  17. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | College Park Revitalization with Barbara Ann Scott Skate Trail | ?m | ?s | City of Toronto | RAW Design

    No different than a suburban owner too lazy to walk their dog and just stick em on a leash in the backyard..
  18. innsertnamehere

    Toronto | Pinnacle Toronto East | 99m | 30s | Pinnacle | IBI Group

    I'd have to agree. Something on the depths of Sheppard East doesn't necessarily need to be incredible. Good urbanism with some solid material choices and it can be all it ever needs to be. Treviso meets that expectation to me, hopefully this one does too.
  19. innsertnamehere

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    Ford promised some increased funding as a part of his platform, it was one of the few road related platform items (GTA West, 6 laning the 401, extending the 417 to Renfrew). The other two items have already received action from the province, as we saw yesterday. I imagine this will follow. MTO...