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  1. Johnny Au

    Splitting the Buildings forum into sub-forums

    It would be great of the.Buildings forum (the topmost one in UT) had sub-forums with the main forum being used for more general things such as lists of buildings across Toronto and such, especially given that UT is already splitting coverage of buildings by district anyways: UT's Growth to Watch...
  2. Johnny Au

    Unions vs. Employee Stock Ownership Plans

    Here is an interesting topic for discussion. Both have their benefits and drawbacks. I personally prefer to have aspects of both, but in some cases, they're mutually exclusive. Note that Employee Stock Ownership Plans are not the same as worker cooperatives. What do you think? Please vote...
  3. Johnny Au

    Occasional/Substitute/Supply Teachers

    Here are some letters: The first letter is about union "greed" (which I disagree with) and the second is about religious requirements to teach in the Catholic boards...
  4. Johnny Au

    Toronto | Yukon Striker at Canada's Wonderland | 68m | ?s | Cedar Fair

    Cedar Fair knows very well that Canada's Wonderland is the most profitable and most attended of all seasonal theme parks in North America, even beating the flagship Cedar Point consistently! Here are more videos about the upcoming dive coaster: There's a great chance that the roller...
  5. Johnny Au

    Spelunking and other discussions about caves

    Let's discuss spelunking (i.e. cave exploration) and other stuff about caves. The nearest natural cave system to Toronto is in the Blue Mountains (they're known as the Scenic Caves).
  6. Johnny Au

    School Vouchers

    Read here: In parts of the United States, some states give out school vouchers to allow those with a household income below a certain level to be able to attend private school for free or at a discount. Often, those private schools are religious in...
  7. Johnny Au

    North York Centre Van Attack

    Primer: Basic context: 25-year-old Richmond Hill man of Armenian descent drove a rented van in North York Centre and intentionally ran over a few pedestrians dead. According to the New York Post, his motive may be misogynistic.
  8. Johnny Au

    The Retail Apocalypse

    This is a thread to discuss the Retail Apocalypse and its impact in retail. There have been many permanent store closings during the mid-2010s. Even Toys Я Us filed for bankruptcy protection. It would be interesting to see what happens to various shopping centres and what would replace the...
  9. Johnny Au

    Wikipedia Article on UrbanToronto

    See here: @DonValleyRainbow (as Natural RX) and I have written this Wikipedia article. Here, we discuss about this particular Wikipedia article. I even mentioned @SimonP in that article.
  10. Johnny Au

    Holdouts in Toronto

    Let's discuss real estate holdouts in Toronto. The holdout is a house on the top of the image, slightly right of the centre. The house is on Ridelle Avenue near Marlee Avenue, across the street from Sobeys. The holdout even has its own postal code! Read here for the history of holdouts in...
  11. Johnny Au

    Elastic Terrain Map: What if the Earth were Jiggly?

    Play around here: Yes, it is possible to see the Niagara Escarpment jiggle all around.
  12. Johnny Au

    Peter Wallace, City Manager

    Let's discuss about Peter Wallace, who is Toronto's city manager. Note that the position of city manager is also equivalent to the chief administrative officer in some other jurisdictions. Read here...
  13. Johnny Au

    What can Mario Kart 8 Deluxe Tell Us About Infrastructure Decay

    Watch here: Yes, I know that it is a clickbait title. This satirical video essentially states that Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a reflection of the lack of infrastructure spending in the United States, leading to...
  14. Johnny Au

    Battle of the Mattresses: Casper vs. ENDY

    Casper: ($65 off with the code "TORONTO") ENDY: ($50 off with the code "TTC" (note that $65 off coupons are handed out in ENDY's showroom at Queen and Bathurst)) Read here:
  15. Johnny Au

    DC Comics Threatens to Sue Captain Vancouver

    Yes, I know that this website is UrbanToronto, but I am curious to know what you think of this article I saw in the Metro: Read here: Here are more images, as well as the letters...
  16. Johnny Au

    UT Down on December 9, 2016

    Apparently, when I tried to go to UT last evening (December 9, 2016), the entire website can't even load. Even states that the website is down. I can't visit the forums even. What might be the cause of the website being down?
  17. Johnny Au

    Toronto FC

    Let's discuss the Toronto FC. They are doing extremely well this year: They even made it to the 2016 edition of the MLS Cup and TFC will play against the Seattle Sounders FC at home in BMO Field, which will be the second time the stadium...
  18. Johnny Au

    Toronto makes its Civilization debut in Civilization VI as a city

    Yes, the latest instalment of the popular turn-based strategy game for the PC and Mac, Civilization VI, has a city state named Toronto: It is an industrial city state, which boosts production. Its suzerainty bonus (when a civilization puts the...
  19. Johnny Au

    The Simple Solution to Traffic

    Comments are here: Slow reaction times are the main cause of traffic congestion and banning humans from driving may be the only way to fix this.
  20. Johnny Au

    A Two-Year-Old's Solution to the Trolley Problem

    I find it very "creative."