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  1. Davidackerman

    City of Vaughan Ward Boundary review March 6
  2. Davidackerman

    Commercial Real Estate- all things related to commercial real estate in GTA

    Just heard that Ashlar Urban is now officially part of Cushman Wakefield Ltd
  3. Davidackerman

    The Mack (Marlin Spring) - Real Estate -

    was at the opening . only 20 left
  4. Davidackerman

    Infrastructure Ontario hiring a real Estate advisor- Deadline april 15

    Real Estate Advisor Infrastructure Ontario (IO) is a crown agency whose purpose is to build, manage, finance, and enhance the value of Ontario public assets, including Ontario’s public infrastructure, real estate, and government facilities. Our core values include being people-oriented...
  5. Davidackerman

    Innovative Architecture and design

    Found this site called Wikkihouse
  6. Davidackerman

    Seeking sales person experienced in High Rise developments

    There's a client who's seeking some sales staff for a new condo development. I'm told you don't need a brokers license Send the inquires to me thanks
  7. Davidackerman

    The Tarion Thread

    stories and conversations about Tarion — Ontario Insurance for new homes and condos
  8. Davidackerman

    Construction Gone Wild

    Wacky construction, bad mistakes, so bad it's funny
  9. Davidackerman

    Photo display opportunities Galleries, Contests etc

    I saw this I thought people would like to know. Also CONTACT is coming up X GALLERY | CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS NARROW AND WIDE Deadline: 6pm March 1st, 2013 IX Gallery is the exhibit and event space of Colourgenics, which in 2013 celebrates its 30th year of providing top flight...
  10. Davidackerman

    8 mm film festival- History of Toronto 1930-1970

    A HISTORY OF TORONTO IN 8 MILLIMETRES From the 1930’s to 70’s, Toronto as seen through the lens of the average citizen. = The best-known events of the city, the changing patterns of everyday life and long-gone Toronto locales, were all captured in amateur films (most of them in...