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  1. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    I am still not sold on the balconies. I appreciate that they are different, but I don’t think it looks successful. I am not a fan of camo prints though so I am biased.
  2. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | 357 King West | 148.13m | 42s | Great Gulf | BDP Quadrangle

    Such a missed opportunity for colour
  3. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | The Rosedale on Bloor | 185.92m | 55s | Gupta | IBI Group

    Photo dump of this from a few different spots
  4. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    So many rats. I never knew rats could be so big until I saw my first cat sized “restaurant back ally rat” many years ago.
  5. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | Quayside | ?m | ?s | Dream | David Adjaye

    Let’s hope! It does look amazing.
  6. stjames2queenwest

    Elora Mill Condos (Elora, Pearle Hospitality, 7s, Hicks Design Solutions)

    This is my home town. Locals love this project and the previous related ones for the most part. I however miss the days of getting stoned as a teen in the old mills before they restored everything. The new pedestrian bridge that recently opened is great. It’s always been a tourist town.
  7. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | Eight Cumberland | 170m | 51s | Great Gulf | a—A

    Not gonna lie it’s Pretty hard to be optimistic about this one. Hopefully some fins and blue skies will help.
  8. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | 240 Adelaide West | 199m | 60s | Freed | AS + GG

    Glad the crown is still slanted.
  9. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | 159SW Condos | 118.87m | 36s | Alterra | Richmond Architects

    I think this turned out fairly well. The podium for me is the issue. I think the tower is attractive. The partitions were only put up recently to detract pedestrians from short cornering the sidewalk. (Yes they are an ugly after thought).
  10. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    I prefer toothpaste green to be honest. But hopefully it will come together. If the pattern is interesting I may be able to appreciate it.
  11. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    I dunno about these balconies. I appreciate the bold contrast in tone, but that flat grey. It’s hard to be optimistic about that.
  12. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | 619 Yonge | 190.93m | 57s | YI Developments | Core Architects

    It’s a bit busy and clunky. But the saturation in that rendering makes me excited. I’d be into brick that red.
  13. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | 1 Sumach | 120m | 35s | Markee Developments | gh3

    The cube houses are awesome. They should be incorporated.
  14. stjames2queenwest

    Toronto | Artistry Condos | 103.5m | 29s | Tribute | Graziani + Corazza

    Wow. What a crazy change to that corner.