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    TTC auditor finds gaps in oversight of consultants and overtime I don't really care much about the receipts for refreshments, but the abseenteeism, excess overtime, and mismanagement of consultants and construction projects are...
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    Star: Nightlife at Harbourfront could fall victim to whining locals

    This is a big problem in a lot of parts of the city. It's definitely a minority, as most people I know living downtown moved there to be in the midst of urban activity. However, this minority and the politicians who pander to them are extremely vocal...
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    Interesting NY Times Article on Endangered Modernism
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    NY Times: Activists Fight Green Projects, Seeing UN Threat
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    Warehouse-to-Office Conversions in Kitchener
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    Champlain Bridge Replacement

    The report is out recommending replacement. This has the potential to be Montreal's signature landmark. It would really be worth it for them to splurge on the architectural design here. It's Canada's busiest bridge and it's right at the heart of the city. Link to the report
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    Preston Bus Station to Be Torn Down- Destruction of Britain's Modernist Architecture It's a fascinating article and an amazing building. I can't imagine what possessed them to build an 80 stall bus terminal there in the first place and it seems preposterously oversized for...
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    Water and Sewage Treatment Issues

    This Marcus Gee article has a particular slant on this issue, but it's the first I've seen of it so I thought I'd include it: Passionate Perks needs to take a dispassionate look at Toronto’s sewage treatment MARCUS GEE From Thursday's Globe and Mail Published Wednesday, May. 25, 2011...
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    Europe moves to end passport-free travel

    Europe moves to end passport-free travel in migrant row European interior ministers agree to 'radical revision' of Schengen amid fears of a flood of migrants from north Africa Ian Traynor Thursday 12 May 2011 22.28 BST European nations moved to reverse decades of...
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    Kitchener: Weber Street Widening

    Plan to widen Weber Street would consume homes, businesses December 01, 2010 BY JEFF OUTHIT, RECORD STAFF KITCHENER — Regional council’s proposal to punch four lanes through the last narrow section of Weber Street has escalated to $52 million, affecting 53 homes and...
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    Danforth’s Music Hall shuttered

    Danforth’s Music Hall shuttered Bailiff cites unpaid rent, seizes premises Toronto Star Published On Thu Aug 19 2010 The Music Hall, a heritage building at 147 Danforth Ave., has been closed for nonpayment of rent. A spokesperson for Sterling Bailiffs Inc. confirmed a company...
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    New Grand River bridge in Kitchener (Region of Waterloo, completed)

    $50 million plan to extend Fairway Road over the Grand River poised to begin August 18, 2010 BY JEFF OUTHIT, RECORD STAFF WATERLOO REGION — Motorists rejoice — construction could start within days, leading to a long-awaited new bridge over the Grand River. When it opens in...
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    Star: Raid exposes international crime group

    Raid exposes international crime group Police arrest a dozen alleged members of deadly Shower Posse among 80 people nabbed in sweep Published On Tue May 04 2010 By Rosie DiManno Columnist Toronto Star “I ran it like a CEO of a Fortune 500 company. The only difference is that instead...
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    School Closures

    Toronto grapples with school closings May 3, 2010 LOUISE BROWN EDUCATION REPORTER TORONTO STAR There will be tirades. There could be tears. But this time, the political fireworks of school closings seem missing. Pool closings made a bigger splash. As the Toronto District School Board...
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    St Pancras Chambers: no place like home

    St Pancras Chambers: no place like home After a £200m makeover, London's St Pancras Chambers are open for business. Jonathan Glancey talks to one man who has moved into Britain's most exciting address Jonathan Glancey, Sunday 2 May 2010 21.30 BST 'Just look at the...
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    Edmonton Downtown Revitalization

    Katz's plan done properly will electrify downtown By Scott McKeen, Edmonton Journal March 26, 2010 There are a few glimmers of true urban experience in our downtown. Hunt through the ruins of the once-proud strolling and shopping district and you'll find them. Yes, you'll pass...
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    Slide Show of British Rail Station Upgrades

    Pretty cool. Their stations are better than their trains. Too bad the proposed High Speed 2 won't serve New Street. Link
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    New Transit Hub at Montreal Windsor Station

    There's quite an elaborate plan developed by AMT and Cadillac Fairview to develop a new intermodal transit hub on the parking lots directly south of Windsor station. The tracks would bend south and it would replace Lucien l'Allier station. Old Windsor Station would serve as the entrance to the...
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    Subway Construction Costs

    Something is profoundly wrong with the cost of building subways in Toronto. We've gotten to the point where cost projections for new subway lines exceed $400 million per kilometre. Here is an article from the Gazette complaining about the supposedly high cost of new subway construction there...