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  1. Tuscani01

    Heartland Town Centre Redevelopment (Orlando Corp, 3-15s, Core Architects)

    Didn't see a thread for this here, but there was talk about it in the retail forum a few weeks ago. Orlando is looking to convert some of its land at Heartland to mixed use, to accommodate new residential buildings up to 15 storeys, and some new park space that will run through the proposed...
  2. Tuscani01

    Home page redirect

    Hey, for some reason- every time I go to, I get redirected to this once the home page loads: Anyone else experiencing this? It’s only happening with UT and no other websites that I use.
  3. Tuscani01

    Spadina CityPlace Overpass

    Somewhat related to the school, a pedestrian bridge over Spadina was approved at community council today!
  4. Tuscani01

    Toronto | Exchange Condos at Concord CityPlace | 32m | 8s | Concord Adex | P + S / IBI

    Interesting development between FWD and Newton (corner of Fort York Blvd and Queens Wharf):
  5. Tuscani01

    King Highline (Liberty Village/Queen West) Proposal

    Has anyone seen this? The website has a pretty neat video on the concept.
  6. Tuscani01

    Cost of Projects Added to Thread Titles?

    Hey Mods, Would it be possible to add the project costs (Estimates in most cases) to Transportation and Infrastructure thread titles? It would be useful information to have in the thread title for these projects, since they are publicly funded. It would be the equivalent of stories and height...
  7. Tuscani01

    Looking to rent a locker @ 25 Capreol Crt. (Luna/Luna Vista)

    Locker Found. Thanks!
  8. Tuscani01

    Biggest Cityplace Tour Ever!

    The photos were all taken today (September 18, 2011) They are arranged into the following categories: 1) The People 2) The Buildings 3) The Spaces ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) The People Shirts/Skins game anyone...
  9. Tuscani01

    Artics Coming Back to TTC?

    Looks like we should be expecting to see Artics running on Toronto streets in the coming years. The following is a question and answer from a Toronto Star session with Gary Webster:
  10. Tuscani01

    CityPlace Retail

    Figured I'd start a new thread for retail in CityPlace since the discussion about Fox & Fiddle is starting to take up the Loblaws thread.
  11. Tuscani01

    Toronto to Parry Sound on Long Weekend?

    Anyone know how long it would take to drive the distance if I leave Toronto tomorrow around 4-5pm? Would traffic improve much if I just wait till 7pm?
  12. Tuscani01

    Watertable (Public Art) Gardiner Expressway @ Fort York

    - Picture from Spacing The project was unveiled tonight. Anyone have any pictures of it?
  13. Tuscani01

    Union Station (TTC) Flooded

    CTV News had some video footage and the flooding looks pretty bad. Shuttle buses are currently running between St. Andrew and King stations.
  14. Tuscani01

    Canadian Tire

    I dont know how many of you live downtown and received the pamphlet recently about the store becoming CT Urban. Delivery is now free if you spend $100 or more in store, parking is free for 1/2 an hour if you spend $40 or more, and if the item you are looking for cannot be found when you come in...
  15. Tuscani01

    Jarvis Street going through change?

    So Ive been living at Jarvis and Dundas for almost a month now, and have noticed some major changes in the past few weeks that signal better times for the area. Two small bars that were once hangouts for homeless and sketchy people have closed in the past two weeks. (New Moon Bar and Good Tymez)...
  16. Tuscani01

    St. Lawrence Market

    Does anyone know if it is open tomorrow? (July 1st)
  17. Tuscani01

    Mississauga Muse Caught?

    Sounds like the muse... I wonder if it was...
  18. Tuscani01

    U of Waterloo: Satellite Campus in MCC?

    City backs Waterloo university campus bid By: Joseph Chin March 6, 2008 10:08 AM - University of Waterloo is coming to Mississauga — maybe. Mayor Hazel McCallion and City of Mississauga officials met on Monday with university officials to discuss plans for such a venture. “They are...
  19. Tuscani01

    Snowstorm Aftermath - MCC Construction Update

    Ok so me and my brother went down to MCC and did a little walk of the area. I was surprised to see cleared sidewalks and people walking to and from Square One from nearby condos. Here's the pics: On the way to MCC Origin Evergreen (Mavis & Eglinton) Ugly pre-cast going up Skyline with a...
  20. Tuscani01

    Mississauga Aiming High for Canada Day

    Fireworks back for Canada Day Fireworks will once again light up City Centre skies as they did here more than 20 years ago. By: Joe Chin November 27, 2007 - After a 20-year hiatus, fireworks will once again light up the skies around the city centre on Canada Day. The initiative to...