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  1. Reecemartin

    Toronto Regional Board of Trade Regional Rail Report

    The TRBOT Released a big new report on Regional Rail for the Toronto Region today:
  2. Reecemartin

    GO and UP and Their Relevance in Toronto

    Hey, So some great conversations were happening in the Crosstown thread that I would like to continue. I think that GO IS becoming far more relevant in Toronto proper. The TTC co-fare contributes but, so do the TTC's woes, expanded service (I'd call it frequent on LSW, LSE, and UP), all day...
  3. Reecemartin

    Climate Change's Impact on Transit

    Given the fact that it seems we are getting longer and hotter summers with more heat waves and more variable winters I think its obvious that our climate is changing something which scientists are telling us we can expect more of. A general question I was to pose is how do we adapt our rail...
  4. Reecemartin

    Ottawa Transit Developments

    Since I think lots of people probably wouldn't mind seeing some updates on the OTrain (as we have seen with ION): Heres a video I recently made to show off Ottawas Rail Expansion: Theres also a fantastic site made by some people on the Ottawa forum dedicated to the OTrain with lots of...
  5. Reecemartin

    Lessons from other Cities

    Upon looking around it seems that many cities especially those in North America are undergoing a transit renaissance. I think it could be interesting to discuss what we can learn about what works and what other cities are doing in a dedicated space. In particular I find the expansion of LA...