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  1. lead82

    Anyone but Ford for Mayor

    Folks, I'm getting really worried about the coming election in this city. With the current crew of top 5 candidates and the likeliness that Ford will become mayor is just scary. In all honestly I don't think any of the current bunch have any vision or any solid platforms for this city. Miller...
  2. lead82

    Yonge subway delays and construction

    Over the last week and a bit the commute down the Yonge line from Finch has taken a lot longer than usual. The trains seem to run ok until Lawrence, but after which they run slow and stop in the middle of the tunnel frequently for no apparent reason. The new average time to get from Lawrence to...
  3. lead82

    Iced tea - why no unsweetened version in Canada

    When traveling to the US, I always enjoy drinking unsweetened iced-tea because I find the regular (sweetened) iced-tea to be too sweet. Yet in Canada, where generally we have healthier food options than the US, no restaurant of store sells unsweetened iced-tea. Does anyone know why this...
  4. lead82

    How to deal with subway failures

    Yet again we see chaos on the streets of downtown as the YUS line is closed from Bloor to Eglinton due to a construction incident. Before blame starts being tossed around, I'd like to discuss how can the city and the TTC better deal with these types of situations. Currently the TTC runs...
  5. lead82

    Transit improvements for PanAm Games

    Now that Toronto has won the 2015 PanAm Games, what if any additional transit improvements will the governments be paying for? I heard that the Scarborough - Malvern LRT line will be built to connect to the new aquatic centre at UTSC. Will the Spadina extension to York U be open in time...
  6. lead82

    Road works 2009

    I was trying to look for the road construction schedule for 2009, hoping to see which road will be rehabilitated or repaved this year. I couldn't find anything on the City of Toronto site. Anyone have any idea on when the city will post this information? Construction season should be...
  7. lead82

    4 New transit projects approved by McGuinty