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  1. Richard White

    45th Canadian Federal Election

    Catch all thread for the 45th Canadian Federal Election.
  2. Richard White

    44th Canadian Federal Election

    Without the proper thread to consolidate various posts, this thread is a catch all for all things related to the upcoming 44th Canadian General Election (whenever that may be).
  3. Richard White

    Covid-19 in shopping malls

    I was reading BlogTO earlier and came across an article seen here: indicating that shopping malls like Yorkdale, STC, et al are putting profits before safety. With the upcoming holiday season it is...
  4. Richard White

    Forum crashing

    Good evening everyone, I noticed the past few days that the forum is crashing whenever I visit threads. Does anyone know what is causing this?
  5. Richard White

    Canadian National Exhibition

    Given the current pandemic I thought it would be prudent to have a thread dedicated to the CNE and related issues pertaining to the pandemic. Not sure if it will happen or in what form but here's to hoping.