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    Toronto skyline

    From the patio at the One Eighty in the Manulife Centre
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    Toronto's Best Public Realm/Streetscapes

    Any street with a wide sidewalk and two rows of trees feels luxurious. For example Bay south of Wellesley Or Bloor East of Yonge
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    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    Not sure exactly what this is, but it's another indication that an Apple store is coming.
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    Traffic Calming The traffic calming report has been delayed until later this spring. The traffic calming group has posted a video about why they formed the group here:
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    I've been asking around about this - and I've heard that the traffic group formed after the residents on langley between Logan and Carlaw asked to switch the direction of that section of Langley to be for eastbound travel to prevent traffic on carlaw from using Langley to cut through the...
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    I have been looking for it too. I think they are late in posting it. I don't think you've missed it
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    Tonight at 7pm at the South Riverdale community health centre the Ward 30 bikes group is hosting a presentation and discussion about how to better connect riverdale to the lake. Student's from Ryerson's school of urban planning have prepared a report that they will present - which will be...
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    this seems crazy. I live on Bain and have never noticed a problem with the volume or speed of traffic. The stats on their website don't seem to indicate much of a problem either I've emailed Paula fletcher asking a few clarifying questions about this but...
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    I checked out Saturday Dinette last week and it seems like it should do well. It was busy, the service was friendly and the food was good (and affordable)
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    There's a lot going on in the neighbourhood this weekend. Farmer's market, and 100 in 1 day urban interventions in Withrow Park, Riverdale Street Sale, Riverside Eats and Beats street festival, and the Riverdale Art walk.
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    Marcanadian's Toronto

    Wow, great photos! Thanks for sharing
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    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    I attended the Metrolinx and TTC consultation at Riverdale Collegiate last night. It seemed like the general feeling from the attendees is that the study process takes too long. I posted some other notes on my blog
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    Toronto | Bridgepoint Hospital | 61.87m | 10s | Bridgepoint Health | Diamond Schmitt

    Here are some photos that I took yesterday. It looks like at this rate it will be completely gone this week:
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    Leslieville / Studio District

    Sad news about Regal Hardware. Last week the star also posted this article about leslieville and riverside
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    Toronto | Bridgepoint Hospital | 61.87m | 10s | Bridgepoint Health | Diamond Schmitt

    The demolition is still underway, though it's a bit hard to take photos through the fence. I took a couple photos today:
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    Long time lurker, first time poster: I've started a neighbourhood blog for the Riverdale/Danforth/Riverside/Leslieville area. I'm hoping that it becomes a place for the neighbourhood to come together and share information. I'd love if if any of you here at Urban Toronto wanted to submit...