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  1. Torontovibe

    Toronto events and festivals

    I couldn't find a general thread for Toronto's events and festivals, especially the smaller/newer ones that might not deserve a whole thread. I went to the Slutwalk on the weekend and had a great time. The meaning of the over-all walk may have been serious but the event was rather fun and...
  2. Torontovibe

    Tibetan Canadian Cultural Centre (Titan Road, South Etobicoke)

    I just found out about this little project and I found it interesting. I don't see a thread for it, so here goes. JEFF HAYWARD|Jul 28, 2010 - 4:14 PM| 1 New Tibetan centre faces time constraints Dalai Lama to attend grand opening in October Inside, it doesn't look like much now. But the...
  3. Torontovibe

    Seven Words To Describe Toronto Seven words to describe Toronto What words evoke your city? Let us know and we’ll report back on Toronto’s core DNA *(check out all the hate for Toronto in the reader's comments. Where does all that...