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  1. dt_toronto_geek

    Sam (Sniderman) The Record Man Dies

    I heard about Sam's passing about 11:30 last night. It's interesting to see the outpouring and number of posts by my friends on FB for this great man. To me, as iconic as another great Toronto businessman, Ed Mirvish. Maybe Ryerson could honor him with a statue somewhere around their new...
  2. dt_toronto_geek


    I'm seeing a lot of dark patches, is there a brown out happening? Waiting to check 11pm news
  3. dt_toronto_geek

    Nuit Blanche 2011

    My favorate event of the year is upon us. Dress warm, take along an umbrella (rain showers are possible after 2am) and post photos here! Tonight from dusk til dawn, here's the guide - There is also a free app. that you can download and take along with you...
  4. dt_toronto_geek

    Ads in the Sky (what next!)

    Did anyone else see this? I thought I was either losing my mind or advancing to early senility when I looked up and saw what appeared to be a large sentence in the sky. By the time I saw it, it was above me and not so easy to make out - in fact I couldn't make out what it read but it seemed to...
  5. dt_toronto_geek

    Earth Hour, March 27th 2011 - 8:30-9:30

    Taken at 9pm. Bank towers, CN tower, CityTV, Yonge-Dundas Square = pass Bay-Adelaide Centre, 1 Dundas West, 250 Yonge, 20 Queen West = fail Ryerson, City Hall, apartment and condo dwellers = epic fail Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, then click again on the image for full size.
  6. dt_toronto_geek

    The Ark

    Russian architect Alexander Remizov designed "The Ark" which can be built on land or water. It can be built in any climate and can withstand earthquakes, floods and tornadoes - no mention of tsunamis. If Canada was ever daring enough to build a prototype of something like this off the shore...
  7. dt_toronto_geek

    Top 10 High-rises built this decade

    As the decade draws to a close I thought I'd start a thread listing our 10 favorate high-rises built (topped off) in the GTA from 2000-2010. I'll start, 1) X 2) Telus 3) Absolute (buildings 4 & 5) 4) 155 Cumberland 5) Casa 6) Murano 7) Lumiere 8) One St. Thomas 9) Pure Spirit 10)...
  8. dt_toronto_geek

    Tall Ships

    The tall ships sailed out of Toronto Harbour today to Ontario Place then on to Cleveland OH. Except for the almost constant noise from that damn airport, it was a really enjoyable affair. These are posted in order of when they passed by from about 3:00 to 4:30. Click on the thumbnail to...
  9. dt_toronto_geek

    Someone has changed my post

    Someone removed one of my photos and replaced it with a photo of someone who I do not know, nor have I ever uploaded this photo to my storage site. I found it quite by accident while looking for a Staff Report for Couture. Here is the link...
  10. dt_toronto_geek

    New Drive-In theatre opens

    Another drive-in theatre opened last weekend at Wild Water Kingdom in Brampton bringing another nostalgic location to the GTA for couples & families to snuggle up in a car and take in two hit movies on the big screen. I practically grew up in drive-in's as a kid in the many locations dotted...
  11. dt_toronto_geek

    Major Fire at 216 Queens Quay

    Major Fire at 260 Queens Quay Major roof fire, 50 foot flames, pictures coming. Tune to CP24 NOW
  12. dt_toronto_geek

    City TV Cuts New Personalities

    So sue me, I like CityTV for my evening fix of local news. It's not what it used to be, but it sure has changed now with the "lay-offs" of many of their newscasters & reporters. CityTV is now dead to me.
  13. dt_toronto_geek

    Kyle Rae Calls It Quits

    I just read about this today, somehow this slipped under my radar. I know some on the board here will be happy about this, I have mixed feelings. He's served for nearly 20 years so perhaps it is time for him to move on and usher in some new blood. I've had many dealings with Kyle and his...
  14. dt_toronto_geek

    Cavalcade of Lights

    From my POV, I didn't make it down to City Hall on time. Hopefully next week. Click on the thumbnail to enlarge, then click again on the image for full size.
  15. dt_toronto_geek

    Smoking ban urged for Peel condos and apartments

    I think health officials and the non-smoking lobby are finally taking this too far. I applauded the end of smoking in restaurants & bars, theatres/cinemas, bingo/gambling halls, cars with children in them etc. I'm a smoker who has been so determined and tried so hard to quit several times yet...
  16. dt_toronto_geek

    Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize

    Wow, who saw this coming? President Barack Obama wins Nobel Peace Prize
  17. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto International Festival 2009 (TIFF '09)

    I thought I'd start a thread for discussion on the festival, the films and anything else related to this year's event. I've got my tix, you got yours? Spread the word on great films you see, others can perhaps get tix on repeat screenings. TIFF has a variety of programming every day...
  18. dt_toronto_geek

    Toronto Neighbourhoods

    A little fluffy, but somewhat interesting. I found the map (linked below) most intriguing. We define ourselves by our neighbourhoods But even with the NIMBYism, no one would doubt they provide the organizational unit that has kept Toronto from spiralling out of control Aug 30, 2009...
  19. dt_toronto_geek

    Art Deco in Toronto

    Landmark buildings recall era when city went crazy for Deco Full story
  20. dt_toronto_geek


    Any chance someone here saw the meteor streak across the sky at about 5am? It was west of where I am, came from the north, went south as it descended and seemingly went over the lake behind buildings. It was glowing bright blue like the end of a blow-torch and was visible for about 7 or 8...