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  1. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 19 Duncan | 186.53m | 58s | Westbank | Hariri Pontarini

    one city hall is the best of the bunch dont @ me
  2. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    Park is nice. Landscaping needs to mature though. On a side note, it seems like nearly every other house on Draper is getting a gut renovation job including the two that flank the park, which have just received nearly identical rear additions that wall in the park in a nice, intimate sort of...
  3. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 543 Richmond Street West | 47.24m | 15s | Pemberton | BDP Quadrangle

    Looks like forming has stopped due to the strike, but starting to make an impression nonetheless. Included a shot of the future park space. I really don’t think it needs a shade structure considering it will be shaded by the new building for most of the afternoon.
  4. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 123 Portland | 49.3m | 14s | Minto Group | Sweeny &Co

    Precast looks good here - lots of shadow play and the sandy colour should weather nicely. I believe the slightly inset panels will be stained to match the window frames.
  5. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | The Carvalo on College | 21.94m | 7s | Clifton Blake | Studio JCI

    Some glazing in. The fake bricks here do not look good up close.
  6. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 1140 Yonge Street | 57m | 13s | Devron Developments | AUDAX

    This thing is still going to look huge - it's just going to look fatter and less elegant now. Not really a win for the area. With all of the proposals along Yonge between Rosedale and St Clair they're going to have to learn to be able to live with a minimum of 10 floors.
  7. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Waterfront Innovation Centre | 53.03m | 11s | Waterfront Toronto | Sweeny &Co

    the sad thing is that menkes probably truly believes they knocked it out of the park here
  8. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Forêt | 129.74m | 35s | Canderel | BDP Quadrangle

    people really be putting chicago's waterfront up on a pedestal but a lot of it just looks like this lmao I am not sure if everyone shares this opinion, but in my mind the public has no duty to private schools to ensure access to sunlight in the way that we try and extend to public schools...
  9. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 2096 Lakeshore Road (Burlington) | ?m | 27s | Core Development | Studio JCI

    My issue with downtown Burlington is that the city kind of treats it like a shopping mall - a place to drive to and visit, but not a place to live. Yes there are loads of projects near the GO stations, but who wants to live in that part of Burlington? It's not desirable at all. I think if people...
  10. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Bloor & Dufferin | 128.9m | 37s | Hazelview | Hariri Pontarini

    With good materials I think it could turn out alright - even though Turner Fleischer isn't really known for attention to detail or creativity, Fitzrovia for the most part seems to care about these details a bit more than other developers. They are very ambiguous about materials in the plans...
  11. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Bloor & Dufferin | 128.9m | 37s | Hazelview | Hariri Pontarini

    spa docs for the other blocks can be found in this application
  12. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | The Well | 174.03m | 46s | RioCan | Hariri Pontarini

    every house on draper has a plaque (except one) too much plaque
  13. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | Sherbourne Common, Canada's Sugar Beach, and the Water's Edge Promenade | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto | Teeple Architects

    Was down here the other day. Definitely quiet (and as northern light said, quite soggy lol) but I imagine that will slowly change as the east bayfront area becomes more populated. I do kind of appreciate that this park will have a few years to settle in before it inevitably becomes busier as...
  14. DavidCapizzano

    Toronto | 307 Lake Shore East | 160.18m | 49s | Plaza Partners | BDP Quadrangle

    not a chance in hell they build this as shown - good thing fiction is my fave genre !