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  1. JasonParis

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    Ahhh, it made me think of a National Park at first, but that didn't quite make sense either. Having said that, the yellow to denote a municipal freeway could make sense. Those at the scale of the Gardiner, Lincoln Alexander, DVP, etc.
  2. JasonParis

    Toronto | River City Condos Phases 1 & 2 | ?m | 16s | Urban Capital | ZAS Architects

    They've been there quite a while now, but still no proper signage. Supply chain issues, maybe?
  3. JasonParis

    Roads: Ontario/GTA Highways Discussion

    What's with the yellow? I realize it's probably painfully obvious, but I can't think of why?!?
  4. JasonParis

    180 Dundas Street West

    After being a punter at Frank's Cafe in Peckham (South London) I'm ever more convinced that the top exposed floor of multi-storey parking decks (or ramps as the Brits call them) should be turned into an outdoor patios, at least half the year. That could be done here on Dundas West, plus in...
  5. JasonParis

    2022 43rd Ontario general election (June 2, 2022?)

    It sounding like Del Duca may to even carry his riding. I feel he's been more effective during this campaign that I thought he would, but still not great. And still not the right leader for the Libs.
  6. JasonParis

    Road Safety & Vision Zero Plan

    I wonder if these could work on King Street to better demarcate for drivers that they need to turn right (because of the transitway).
  7. JasonParis

    Toronto skyline

    That's a pretty insane crew/guest ratio. I suppose that is reflected in the price too.
  8. JasonParis

    Toronto | Crosstown LRT | ?m | ?s

    Who's this CrAzy guy? He walks the line: Toronto man treks the Eglinton Crosstown LRT route
  9. JasonParis

    TTC: Bloor Danforth Line 2 West Extension(s)

    While not a huge priority for the system, I do feel this would be a good opportunity for Toronto's first subway line branch - Line 2A to Sherway and Line 2B to Cloverdale.
  10. JasonParis

    2022 43rd Ontario general election (June 2, 2022?)

    I'm curious to see how well she fares on election day. She's pretty hated these days and even I'm having a hard time stomaching her. She's been shockingly quiet as St. Lawrence has gone through months of window smashings and seems to be running away from any and all neighbourhood groups.
  11. JasonParis

    389 Church St Modernization (Toronto Community Housing, 13s, Hilditch Architect/WSP Global)

    Did Cadillac Fairview purchase this site? That must be it.
  12. JasonParis

    TTC: Sheppard Subway Extension (Proposed)

    Isn't the problem with Sheppard density being that a lot of people simply drive regardless of the subway being at their doorstep? Not saying it isn't a good thing in other ways, but it hasn't always translated into ridership. Still, the line doesn't particularly go very many places, yet, either.
  13. JasonParis

    2022 43rd Ontario general election (June 2, 2022?)

    The NDP plan is arguably better than the Liberal's gimmicks. I'm surprised they didn't match the GO co-fare in the 416. Also, it would be nice to see them clearly state that the won't alter any of Ford's Big Four.
  14. JasonParis

    Toronto | Ontario Line (was Relief Line South, in Design) | ?m | ?s

    It's just so hard to vote NDP these days, even if they are the most closely aligned to my beliefs.
  15. JasonParis

    GTHA Transit Fare Integration

    You can certainly make the argument that transit fares are a bit high in this region in relation to comparable metros. However, I don't think we needed to go to the lowest fares either. And throwing Ontario Northland and GO Transit into the mix is pretty non-sensical due to the vast distances...
  16. JasonParis

    UofT: Sidney Smith Hall Redevelopment (?s, ?)

    A bit off-topic, but what is that U of T library at Downsview mentioned?
  17. JasonParis

    Toronto Metropolitan University (Ryerson) Campus Public Realm

    SUNY in New York State is another example of this. And yes, part of the same network.
  18. JasonParis

    Pier 8 Redevelopment (Hamilton, Cityzen, 45s, KPMB)

    My mind went right to The Chi as well.
  19. JasonParis

    Toronto | Massey Hall Revitalization at the Allied Music Centre | 48.46m | 7s | KPMB

    I've seen many shows at Massey over the years, but probably the most peculiar one for me was a bunch of stars from The Young & the Restless doing a sing and dance thing for a few hours. If I had to guess, I'd say this was around 1990.
  20. JasonParis

    Mount St Dennis - George Brown Campus (CreateTO, ?s, ?)

    I wonder if this would replace Casa Loma campus. I believe there was talk of shutting that down.