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  1. khris


    So it looks like ryaboi (tomms) finally got caught? Or at least the first time I'm seeing his name in the news in this way. Breaking and entering to get photos is obviously illegal. I've always wondered why UrbanToronto promotes these photos. It's really amazing that nobody has been killed by...
  2. khris

    United States, Canada and Mexico to recognise each other's architects

    Architectural licensing bodies in the United States, Canada and Mexico have forged an agreement to allow architects to work across North American borders. Following a decade of negotiations, the Canadian Architectural Licensing Authorities (CALA), the National Council of Architectural...
  3. khris

    Toronto | Fleur Condos | 85.34m | 29s | Menkes | a—A

    So today they are doing soil samples/testing of the corner of Church and Shuter. I figure it's a matter of time before something gets built here. Looking forward to what is to come!
  4. khris

    London Tube

    New trains being designed. So nice! I wish Toronto could have the arm rests in between seats, and all seats facing the aisle the same way. Source with more info and photos:
  5. khris

    City politics

    I'd like to suggest a city politics subforum. I think it would make a great addition to the forum, especially after the Rob Ford thread. A whole new type of Urban Toronto user was born from this thread, and clearly people are interested in talking about city politics.
  6. khris

    Find latest posts

    This has not worked for a long time now. Can you fix it? It's on profiles. You can find a person's latest posts. However, it does not show the most recent.
  7. khris

    Rooftop mechanicals

    Is it possible for skyscrapers to be built without any mechanicals on the top of the building? See this for example: I realize that's a rendering, and it might not end up looking like that, but I...
  8. khris

    Signature Condominium Collection/Marriott (Markham, Remington, 12 + 15s, Quadrangle)

    The newest addition to Downtown Markham, Signature Condominiums marks the momentum that is building within the 243-acre mixed-use urban-style community. Designed by Quadrangle Architects, the two-building project will be a key node, enriching cultural and community life with a 214-suite Marriott...
  9. khris

    Urban Toronto Fall 2012 Pub Meet!

    Had a good time. We definitely need to do that again. It was pretty cool to put faces to usernames. I was surprised by the amount of people that came out that are not active forum users too. Maybe next time we can have stickers for putting your username on. I know they're geeky, but it is an...
  10. khris


    I used to be able to press tab and then enter to make a post. Now it just goes to the next line in the text editor, because pressing tab does nothing. Can you fix this? Probably just a setting in the forum software. I doubt they'd remove this functionality.
  11. khris

    Toronto | The Selby | 165.5m | 50s | Tricon | bKL Architecture

    Another Cityzen building coming to Toronto. This time brought to us by BKL Architecture. In terms of acquisitions, we've recently purchased the Clarion Hotel property just south of Bloor at the corner of Sherbourne and Selby. We're engaging with Chicago firm BKL Architecture and their...
  12. khris

    Mobile app by Ryerson researchers

    Mobile app by Ryerson researchers uncovers the architecture of Toronto A collaboration between the Department of Architectural Science and the Library and Archives at Ryerson University, Toronto has resulted in a new app that aims to uncover the architectural landmarks of the city. This app...
  13. khris

    Time for a forum meetup?

    I think we should try to have one again! There's a lot more people on here now, and a lot of new people. Would be cool to meet each other. Some kind of pub where all ages can go would be perfect. Maybe afterwards, have our own little skyscraper geek photowalk tour of downtown?
  14. khris

    Concord Developments being sued

    Concord being sued That's gonna hurt them if they lose!
  15. khris

    User profile link colours

    If you go to a user profile, and want to send the user a message or use any of the links under their profile photo, good luck. The links are all white, on a grey background. Without selecting the entire page, so you can see where the link is, it's really hard to see it. I think a colour change...
  16. khris

    User Posts

    If you go to someone's profile and click the link to look at the users posts, it is not showing the most recent ones. I just looked at mine, and it shows I have zero posts between today and the past 5 days, which is incorrect.
  17. khris

    Restaurants! Suggestions, reviews and questions about dining in Toronto

    Okay, I know we all love food in Toronto, and there are a ton of options. I figured why not start a thread. I actually have a question to start it off too. Finding good, tasty Canadian Chinese food, is strangely not easy in Toronto. At one time food courts were a good way to get a fix...
  18. khris

    International Business Center and Intercontinental Hotel - Yerevan, Armenia

    More images and information here:
  19. khris

    Oppenheim design new campus for Miami Dade College

    More photos and text here.
  20. khris

    Z15 Tower, Beijing, China

    TFP Farrells presents designs for bold mixed-use high-rise in Beijing's CBD