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  1. Tuscani01

    Heartland Town Centre Redevelopment (Orlando Corp, 3-15s, Core Architects)

    Didn't see a thread for this here, but there was talk about it in the retail forum a few weeks ago. Orlando is looking to convert some of its land at Heartland to mixed use, to accommodate new residential buildings up to 15 storeys, and some new park space that will run through the proposed...
  2. Tuscani01

    Toronto | 307 Lake Shore East | 160.18m | 49s | Plaza Partners | BDP Quadrangle

    There is no greenery on any of the balconies in the renderings.
  3. Tuscani01

    Corus Quay (East Bayfront Dockside, TEDCO, 7s, D+S) COMPLETE

    These windows all failed before CityPlace windows did!
  4. Tuscani01

    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    Cost wasn’t the only issue. See the OPA comment for reference. Any redevelopment would require site wide changes. With multiple owners, and one of them already doing their own thing - there was no way any major changes would’ve taken off.
  5. Tuscani01

    Hudson's Bay Centre Renovations | 39.24m | 7s | Brookfield | Adamson

    It’s not being torn down. It’s being repurposed and reclad. The corner of Bloor Yonge is getting touched up as part of this, but I believe it’s under a separate application.
  6. Tuscani01

    Toronto | 307 Lake Shore East | ?m | 49s | Plaza

    This is correct. It’s the former Google building, fronting Lake Shore. Warrants a separate thread for sure. I think everyone will like this one!
  7. Tuscani01

    Toronto | 28 River Street | 65.76m | 18s | Liberty Development | BDP Quadrangle

    Considering this will be directly blocking my view and sunlight in the evenings, I agree! I'd rather be facing a taller point tower than this current mess of a proposal.
  8. Tuscani01

    Toronto | 460 King West | 98m | 23s

    I think you’ll be happy.
  9. Tuscani01

    Toronto | Sugar Wharf Condominiums (Phase 1) | 231m | 70s | Menkes | a—A

    I went to check it out this weekend and disagree. It looks good from afar, but terrible up close. The metal panels are pillowed, and they don’t seem to be aligned well. Looks pretty messy. I do really like the space in between the office and residential though. The future extension of Harbour...
  10. Tuscani01

    Metrolinx: Other Items (catch all)

    In terms of square footage, sure… but how do those numbers track flexible work arrangements where employers now allow staff to work from other locations? I know my friends entire team at Manulife moved to Kitchener-Waterloo despite still being Toronto based. He’s the only one in the Toronto...
  11. Tuscani01

    Metrolinx: Other Items (catch all)

    I have a few friends whose offices have opened satellite offices in the 905 to eliminate commutes for employees as part of the return to office. My old employer also leased space last year throughout the 905 and beyond to create new hubs so people could work closer to home. I don’t see many...
  12. Tuscani01

    Toronto | Concord Sky | 298.99m | 84s | Concord Adex | a—A

    The sales centre already exists in CityPlace. This is actual construction. Its forms for concrete.
  13. Tuscani01

    West Don Lands: Blocks 17+26 (Dominion Foundry Complex, ?, ?s, ?)

    I don’t know 100% it’s Aspen Ridge. My source had suggested one of the 4 you listed though 🤣. Muzzo through DG Group. That said, DG Group is right next door to Aspen Ridge, so they could have acted together. Muzzo is also responsible for the office portion of The Crosstown community, by Aspen...
  14. Tuscani01

    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    For those who may still be worried, yes this was just a joke 😜. There’s the ‘more info’!
  15. Tuscani01

    Toronto | The One | 338.3m | 94s | Mizrahi Developments | Foster + Partners

    I’ve heard from a very reputable source that this is being capped at the first mechanical level. Hotel and retail to proceed, but the residential portion is on hold due to financial issues. More info dropping later today.
  16. Tuscani01

    Toronto | Forma | 308m | 84s | Great Gulf | Gehry Partners

    Website for pre-registering is up. The project is now called Forma, and Gehry is still involved.
  17. Tuscani01

    Toronto | Canary Landing | 89.61m | 26s | Dream | COBE Architects

    Loving the variety these add to the area.
  18. Tuscani01

    Toronto | Lower Don Lands Redevelopment | ?m | ?s | Waterfront Toronto

    Some photos from above that I took this weekend:
  19. Tuscani01

    Toronto | 48 Lowe's Place | 17.8m | 2s | Microsoft | WZMH

    Or Canadian Tire 🤣