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    Glazed glass care/maintenance?

    Is it bad to use Windex or any type of amonia cleaner on the exterior of these glazed glass?
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    Exposed Concrete... how dusty will it get?

    For the folks that live or have lived in a building with exposed concrete, just how dusty does it get?
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    Buying a unit on the pool/party room floor?

    Went to see a unit at a condo in the core. Really liked it. Very unique layout. Only concern is that it is on the same floor as the pool and party room. Has anyone ever lived in a unit on this floor? Was it noisy and not worth it? Was resale negatively impacted?
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    Need some opinions on reno - resale repercussions

    Thinking of renovating my kitchen. Right now half is dedicated to the cabinets/appliances, and the other half has enough space for a small table for four. The kitchen is a rectangle-ish shape. I'm thinking of putting cabinets around three of the walls with an island in the middle. The island...
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    Getting a property appraised

    Quick question. If someone wanted to get a residential property appraised, who would be the best person to do this? Real Estate agent? Are there people that specialize in appraisals? Typically how much would it cost to get a property appraised? Thanks in advance.
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    Living Downtown

    Had a couple of questions for those of you that live downtown, have lived downtown, or know a thing or two about the subject. 1. If you had to pick two or three condos to live in, which ones would you choose and why? 2. If you had to pick an area to live in, which would you choose? I'm...