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  1. lightarchitect

    Toronto | Esports Performance Venue and Hotel | 112.23m | 30s | OverActive | Populous

    Today the Globe and Mail reported on a E sports performance venue to be proposed and built by 2025.
  2. lightarchitect

    to keep or not to keep

    Would you rather vote for another mayoral candidate or keep David Miller?
  3. lightarchitect

    St Lawrence Market North
  4. lightarchitect

    my Shibuya Crossing video (Tokyo)
  5. lightarchitect

    St Lawrence Neighbourhood Lighting Initiative.

    I don't know if many are interested in the lighting program. But if you are and you have taken a look down in that area, you'll notice some historic buildings have been lit. The idea to have such a lighting program is great, but if it going to look the way i saw it tonight, then I'm really...
  6. lightarchitect

    what area code do you have?

    Since we're on the topic of area codes in the other thread. Which one do you have?
  7. lightarchitect

    Namdaemun in South Korea GONE.

    Terrible. Sooooooo Sad..... Fire Destroys Historic Seoul Landmark Shock at Destruction of Historic Seoul Landmark Gate That Survived 600 Years Consumed by Fire in Hours Fire destroyed perhaps Seoul’s most famous landmark on Sunday night when flames engulfed the Sungnyemun, more commonly...