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  1. Ottawan

    Laneway Houses (various)

    This morning I came across a laneway house under construction. While there is a laneway housing thread in the design and architectural style section of the forum, that is focused on overarching policy and design issues. I propose using this thread for photos and updates about specific laneway...
  2. Ottawan

    St. Cecilia's Catholic Church - Restoration/Repairs? (? , 1s, ?)

    Some work is being done on this church located on Annette Street at Pacific Avenue. Taken yesterday:
  3. Ottawan

    2512R Yonge Street (Future Development Site)

    This site near Yonge & Eglinton is for sale as a development lot. I spotted this sign yesterday: From the broker's website, there is this description: And also this map:
  4. Ottawan

    456 Armadale (Babiak, 3s, ?)

    I spotted this, and a dozen more like it, on my dog walk this morning: This is what the site looks like at present: More to come...
  5. Ottawan

    BP South (The Baby Point Inc, 3s, ?)

    This is a development at 368 Jane Street, at the corner of Jane Street and Raymond Avenue, which is just south of Annette. I walk by the site regularly since moving to this end of town a bit over a year ago. There has been no activity on site, beyond posting some new promotional material...
  6. Ottawan

    Zoning Reform Ideas

    Really I just wanted to post a blog post written by Alain Miguelez of Ottawa, a very well-meaning and articulate senior planning official, with some ideas that I think could be applicable and helpful if imported to Toronto...
  7. Ottawan

    Toronto | Charbonnel Towns | ?m | 4s | Treasure Hill Homes | Richard Wengle

    My first new thread! (although I suspect there may be one that I'm just having trouble finding, in which case, mods, please merge). How the site looks right now, with site prep underway: